Best 10 Tips For BlogSpot Users 2016


BlogSpot is a great platform for young bloggers as well as beginners. The factors which attract us towards it is the zero cost. Of course you can tell me several other reasons for using it. It may be correct for you. I began blogging with…

Every Girl’s Summer Vacation Essentials


Hey, girls! Are you getting ready for the summer? Well, not literally and not just yet, but mentally – we think we are all on the beach already, gazing at the sea and thinking about our next summer adventure. The summer of 2016 is going…

How To Add Search Ads on Blogger Blog

google adsense for search

When you want to search for something, you need a search box to do that search. And you know how important it is? It’s good to show a search box on every site. So, do your site have a search box? If not, why don’t…

Salon Etiquettes A Great Customer Follows


There are certain etiquettes you need to follow in certain places. You just cannot enter a random salon without having any knowledge about it. Next time you visit the salon, follow these simple etiquettes for a happy visit. Always make a prior appointment – You…

How To Add FeedBurner Subscription Box in BlogSpot Blogs


Do you know  you can also use FeedBurner subscription box instead of a widget from Blogger widgets. Some others use third party subscription box designed using HTML and CSS which looks really great. But most of them consumes more time to load, which means increase…

Top Ways To Boost Alexa Rank in 2017

  When it comes to business, Alexa rank is becoming a significant factor. It’s a measure of the popularity of your site. The lower the Alexa Rank, better your business is, and vice versa. What is Alexa Rank? Alexa Rank is a ranking system based…

A Summer Holiday In The Evergreen Goa


This is a guest post by Dimpy Roy Goa is an enticing coastal state that is worth visiting time and again. The laidback lifestyle of Goan culture would lure you in no time as you would find the vacation not just enjoyable, but refreshing too….