WhatsApp Dark Mode finally ready to official launch as feature reaches to select users

WhatsApp’s long-awaited dark mode feature is finally ready for release and reportedly some of its users have already tested it.

WhatsApp is FINALLY getting the dark mode and we are more than ready for it. As reports go, some WhatsApp users have already tested it and the feature is going to be rolled out en-masse very soon. The Facebook-owned messaging app has been teasing the dark mode for months, however, the actual date has not been announced yet.

According to WaBetaInfo, a website that tracks all of WhatsApp developments through the beta version of the app, the new dark theme is ready for both the Android version of WhatsApp and the iOS version as well. The dark mode on the messaging app will help you save battery and will be kinder to your eyes.

Given how much time we do end up spending staring at our phones, a feature like this goes a long way in helping us take care of daily habits.

WhatsApp is also testing a new beta update for iOS users which would bring new features like hide muted status update, splash screen, and app badge improvements, etc. The new splash screen will essentially let users see the WhatsApp logo whenever they open the app on their iPhones. This is also available on the Android beta app as well and has already started popping up for many users.

WhatsApp added a new privacy setting last week by which users can decide whether they want to join a group on the messaging platform or not. To enable this, users need to go to “Settings” in the app, then tap Account, Privacy, and Groups and select one of three options: “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “My Contacts Except”.

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