Mary Kom :Not easy to comeback after getting married and having children

Speaking at Agenda AajTak in New Delhi on Monday, the most successful boxer at world championships, Mary Kom shed light on what she went through during her journeys to glory over the years.

Six-time world champion MC Mary Kom on Monday said she had to overcome a lot of hurdles and negative criticism and achieve success, especially after her marriage.

Mary Kom married her long-time boyfriend in 2005 and became a mother to twin boys in 2007. In 2013, Mary gave birth to her third son but nothing stopped her from being on the ring and doing what she loved the most – boxing.

In fact, Mary Kom went on to win her Olympic medal in 2012 — a bronze in the 51kg freestyle category. At 36, Mary is the most successful boxer in the history of world championships and is gearing up to give a shot at the elusive Olympic gold medal at Tokyo 2020.

Over the years, Mary has made it a habit to prove her naysayers wrong.

Mary Kom became the first boxer in the history of World Championships to win 8 world meet medals as recently as this year. She was tied on 7 with Cuban men’s legend Felix Savon after winning the gold in the 48kg category in New Delhi last year.

Speaking at Agenda AajTak 2019, Mary Kom said: “People used to think that I could win only when I was not married but after getting married and having children, I had to struggle a lot. You knew conditions are tough in Manipur, there is insurgency often. When I came to Bhopal, conditions were tense. I could not even find lactogen for my child. It’s not easy to make a comeback after getting married and having children. God made me so so so special. I decided that until I achieve it I won’t quit.”

Stressing that she made it a point to shut down her critics with her medals at major events, Mary Kom revealed she was fed a lot of negative thoughts throughout her career but she found her own ways to deal with them.

“Coaches say a lot of things about me like Mary is short and so on. I can’t stop them from giving negative comments. I proved that you can shut these negative thoughts only after success. How many boxers become World Champion at this age? I am happy that young children want to become boxers and win at the international stage,” Mary Kom said.

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