Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat: PM talks water crisis, election win, Emergency, and more

Highlighting the importance his government accorded to water conservation, PM mentioned that though his government had created a separate water ministry, the crisis could only be solved with people’s cooperation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned with his Mann Ki Baat radio address on Sunday with three requests to a nation staring at severe water crisis.

Pitching for a collective and creative effort to overcome the crisis, Modi urged appealed to all Indians to create awareness on water shortage, share knowledge of traditional methods of water storage and share information about individuals and NGOs working on water conservation.

“Water scarcity affects many parts of the country every year. You will be surprised that only 8% of the water received from rains in the entire year is harvested in our country. Now the time has come to find a solution to this problem. I believe, like the other problems on hand, we can also solve this predicament by the participation of the people,” he said.

“There is no fixed way to conserve water. In different parts, different methods may be adopted but the aim is the same – to conserve every drop of water,” the PM said.

Emphasising on the role to be played by new Jal Shakti ministry, Modi also urged Indians to share ideas and inspiration regarding water conservation using the hashtag #JanShakti4JalShakti.

Several metros, cities, and villages of India are reeling under severe water shortage with the drought-like situation in some areas.

Water is typically scarce in the summer months, but the situation has been particularly grim this year in western and southern states that received below average rainfall in the 2018 monsoon season.

This year, the monsoon has delivered 38% lower-than-normal, or average, rainfall since the start of the season on June 1, according to data compiled by the state-run India Meteorological Department.

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