Top 5 Whatsapp update you should be excited about

Some really exciting features launched by WhatsApp this month and here are the top 5 you should be excited about!

These Whatsapp updates will finally help you to get rid of unwanted forwarded messages and calls. Some really exciting features launched by Whatsapp this month and here are the top 5 you should be excited about.

1.Photos & Videos Visibility in Gallery: Often you receive photos and videos from friends and WhatsApp groups which you won’t be comfortable when it pops up in your phone gallery. The new feature allows you to hide the same.

2.Forwarded message as Label: Now you will come to know whether the message forwarded to you is typed or simply forwarded as WhatsApp gives an official “Forwarded” tag on these messages.

3.Admin controls: This feature allows the admin to have several controls like only the admin can send the message. To enable this setting, go to Group Info> Group Settings > Send Messages and select Only Admins.

4. Demote admins: Yet another new group-centric feature which allows group admin to demote other admin in the group to a normal participant without removing that person.

5.WhatsApp group call: WhatsApp now allows you to make group calls from the app. You can add up to four participants on the call in one time. Both voice and video call support this feature.

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