IRCTC switches to new online ticketing website; Here is all you need to know

Railway’s Online Travel Portal – has now launched beta version of its new User Interface which is more user-friendly features for easier navigation.

The Ministry of Railways has launched a new user interface of its Next Generation e-Ticketing System.

Railway’s Online Travel Portal – has now launched beta version of its new User Interface which is more user-friendly features for easier navigation.

By creating Next Generation e-Ticketing (NGeT) system the new online ticket booking system of Railways provides an easy and fast way of booking rail tickets by automating the journey planning and purchase of tickets.

The new interface of e-Ticketing website will allow the user to inquire about the train, seat availability without login. It will also enable user to change font size throughout the website for the comfortable viewing experience.

Single screen information about the train including the train no, train name, originating and destination station and distances between them, arrival and departure time and journey time has now been arranged.

The new website has been further compartmentalized class-wise, train-wise, destination, time, and quota.

There would also be new features for payments such as ‘My Transactions’ which will help the user view their booked tickets based on Journey Date, Booking Date, Upcoming Journey and completed the journey.

‘Waitlist prediction’, a new and interesting feature has been introduced where the user can get the probability of wait-listed or RAC tickets getting confirmed.

The user can also find out the availability for the entire Advance Reservation Period i.e., 120 days, except for few trains in the improvised page. There will be a journey planner page, a history of all the journeys, bookings, cancellation.

In the new system, user can perform multiple activities through booked history with the improved interface for cancellation of tickets, printing of tickets, request for additional SMS, selecting alternative train by exercising the option of ‘Vikalp’ and change of boarding point if required.

The users have been invited to switch to the beta version of the website and experience it for 15 days during which Railways will take suggestions from them for further changes and improvement of the site.

Following the suggestions and feedback from users, the beta version of the new interface will replace the old interface of IRCTC e-ticketing portal.

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