Most useful tricks every WhatsApp Group user should know

Do you regularly use WhatsApp Group? Here are the features available for WhatsApp group chats.

WhatsApp introducing many new features for the messaging app. The most prominent one includes its UPI-based payment service along with minor changes every now and then. There are numbers of features available not only for one-on-one conversations but also for group chats.

Many of you may not be aware but there’s a lot that you can do on group chats. Here’s a look at the new and recent features rolled out for group chats on WhatsApp. Some of the features are available on both iOS and Android while a few on either of these platforms.

Group admin dismissal (iOS)

WhatsApp’s latest feature for group chats has added a tool to dismiss admins. Previously, if you had to remove a group member from their admin post you had to remove them from the group entirely and add them again. WhatsApp has now added a ‘Dismiss As Admin’ feature which lets users directly remove the admin post.

Group descriptions (Android and iOS)

This new feature rolled out in February which lets users add group descriptions in addition to group names. Descriptions will appear below the group name. This feature is available under ‘Group Info’ which open to all and not just admins. This feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

Group mentions (Android and iOS)

On Android, if you’ve muted a group on WhatsApp including the notifications, this feature will come into use. You will be notified of any message sent on the muted group mentioning your name. This happens even if you’ve muted your notifications for the group.

On the other hand, iOS has an even better feature of actually getting to see which unread messages they’ve been mentioned on. When scrolling through your group messages, you will see the ‘@’ tag just below the down arrow. Tapping on that icon will show you the unread messages you’ve been mentioned on.

WhatsApp Payments (Android and iOS)

WhatsApp’s UPI-based payment service is still in beta but the feature is currently available for all users. Many may not know but this feature is integrated for WhatsApp groups as well. Tap on the ‘Attach File’ for Android or ‘+’ icon for iOS users and select the payment option. You can then select the group member you wish to send a payment to. However, WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to select multiple members at the same time for payments.


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