9 things you should delete from your Facebook page

To keep your Facebook account safe follow these important points. It will not only protect you to reveal your personal details but also secure your family too.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has led to people questioning the role Facebook plays in their lives – and some have deleted their accounts. If you want to keep your account but protect your privacy better, here is some stuff you might want to get rid of.

1. Birthday
Your birthday is one part of an important puzzle, which contains your name and address, with which people can easily access your bank account and personal details.

2. Phone number
The best case scenario here is acquiring a polite admirer. Worst case scenario? A stalker who calls you incessantly

3. Most of your “friends”
Oxford psychology professor Robin Dunbar theorised that humans can maintain approximately 150 stable relationships. After looking at 3,375 Facebook users, Dunbar found that of their Facebook friends, 4.1 were considered dependable, and 13.6 exhibited sympathy during an “emotional crisis”. Getting rid of the deadwood can make for a healthier interaction with social media

4. Photographs of your child/ young family member
Victoria Nash of the Oxford Internet Institute, posed a good question on this recently: What type of information would children want to see about themselves online at a later date? Previous generations never needed to consider this, but with parents compulsively sharing baby photos this question has become more important

5. While we’re at it, where your child/ young family member goes to school
The last thing you want is to give an opportunity for a sex offender to find out where your child attends school.

6. Location services
People forget the fact that tagging your location at home actually gives away your address. And if you’re accessing FB from your mobile, anyone who may or may not wish you harm now knows where you are.

7. When and where you’re going on holiday
It’s an invitation to burglars. Some insurance companies reject claims of those who posted their holiday plans on social media.

8. Credit card details
Never. This is never a good idea

9. Boarding pass pictures
Taking a photo of your boarding pass is a way to brag about your holiday, but don’t be silly! The barcode on your boarding pass is unique to you and can be used to find the information you gave the flight company

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