Top Ten Safe Places to Build Links for SEO


An effective SEO policy lies at the heart of any good inbound marketing strategy. In order to bring as much traffic to your site as possible, you’re going to need to set up effective links. Link building is one of the key approaches that can lead to your site ranking as high as possible in any Google search. Once you’ve achieved that coveted position on the front page, you’re guaranteed to see things start to improve. Here are some of the safest places you can build links in order to make the most out of your SEO policy.

Effective Links Can Boost Your Traffic Massively

  • Educational sites. These sites are completely safe and see a large amount of traffic from a variety of different demographics. By securing yourself a link on one of these sites, you can enjoy higher levels of traffic in a very short amount of time. One really good way of getting involved would be by offering something like a scholarship.


  • Niche industry directories. There are a number of great online sites that cater towards niche industries. They’re a great way of taking advantage of pre-existing networks to get yourself a higher level of visibility. Check out some of the options and make the most of them.


  • Government sites. These sites have the highest security and safety levels possible. As a result, they’re a really good place to try and get your link up. However, due to the fact that they are the work of civil servants, it can be extremely difficult to get your site on their site. If you can manage it, you’ll see some great changes.


  • An external blog connected to your industry. There are tons of these around, and they can often prove to be one of the easiest places to get a link. Many are the work of amateurs or small-scale journalists, and you can probably get in touch with them without much difficulty. If they have an understanding of your business and industry, they can probably be persuaded to host a link.


  • A contributor or sponsor page. Many sites will have a section where they pay tribute to any companies that have made a significant contribution to them. If you’ve played a part in supporting a business, you can expect to have some amount of recognition there. This is a good way to get your links up, but it does mean that you will need some kind of ongoing collaboration with a company.


  • Social media. This probably goes without saying, but a regular turnover of content on your social media pages can make a huge difference when it comes to drawing in more traffic to your site. If you ensure that you are providing an ever-changing selection of links, you should have no difficulty in ensuring that you get more users to your site.


  • Youtube and other streaming sites. This may sound more complicated than it actually is. These days, it takes minutes to put together a relevant video about your business. With a smart use of tag words, you can ensure that it shows up in online searches. From there, all you have to do is provide the viewer with a link, and you can expect to see more traffic.


  • A Wiki site. These days, there’s a wiki site for just about anything. They’re really great repositories of information, and since they’re user-generated, there’s a huge amount of content there that can be edited pretty much at will. If your industry fits into such a site, it may be worth your while securing a few links in strategic places.


  • An industry forum. There are tons of forums and chatrooms online, covering just about everything you could think of. If you can find the right industry-specific ones, you can boost your traffic massively by putting the links in the right places. You may have to be somewhat careful about it though. Many forums have fairly strict rules governing what can and can’t be advertised there. If they feel that you are pushing your site in a way that does not conform to their rules, moderators may take down your posts.


  • Publishers. This is not the easiest way of getting links online, but it does have the potential to make a huge difference. If there are industrial journals relevant to your business, by getting your name in a story, you can secure a link that will bring more traffic to your site. This usually means being in contact with a journalist, which isn’t always easy. However, there are a number of strategies for securing this kind of connection, and if you invest wisely with your time and money, you can expect to see some big differences.

These are a few of the really great ways you can secure links in useful places. For most businesses, the majority of these options will be a real possibility. And if you get your name in all the right places, you can look forward to impressive changes in traffic to your site.

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