SendPulse Review : Affordable Email Marketing For Small Business

SendPulse is a messaging platform with the power of Artificial Intelligence. It helps you to connect with your readers via email, SMS and push notifications.

You don’t need to browse many applications to manage email, SMS and push notifications to your readers. You can manage everything from SendPulse. And it’s okay if you are using another email marketing software now, then you can import everything to SendPulse in a few clicks.

Wait! You should know more about SendPusle.



Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is what that we are seeing mostly these days. But it is not common among Email marketing software.

The AI system is going to change your email open rate over 50%

You can’t ignore this now. If you have used any other email marketing software before or if you are using anything now, you know about the email open rates. It would be around 2-9% for many of us.

The AI system analyzes the behavior of users and then find the best time to send your emails, ensuring the maximum email open rates.

It is not actually working based on a common analysis available on the internet.

It analyzes your users based on the previous emails sent and other details and classifies the subscribers into many groups based on their behavior. And send them the emails for the maximum open rate.

Email, SMS and Push Notification

Email, SMS and Push Notification at one dashboard is what every marketer once dreamed of. Usually, we have both email and SMS in one application. But this is the first time, I saw push notification with an email marketing software.

Managing the subscribers became easy with this and it also helps to maintain the open rate and active subscribers.

You can use every feature for free. The free web push notification service is awesome. They are free and unlimited. I have never seen any others providing unlimited push notification service for free.


The email templates make it another best software for email marketing. The free plan allows you to send emails to 2500 contacts for free every month. You can send only 15000 emails for free, every month. You can buy a premium plan to send more emails.

The awesome email templates make it best place for beginners to send the best and attractive emails. You can also create your own template using the text editor.

You can browse the templates which are classified according to some categories, like Travel, Health, etc. And if you are not interested in using templates, then you have an awesome drag and drop text editor. You can create an awesome email in minutes using it.


You can send emails faster using SMTP. The email delivery rate would be higher if you are using SMTP to send your emails.



I couldn’t agree more! This is the best thing, I found in it. You have two options, pay annually/monthly or pay as you go, which means, pay only for what you need or what you use.

Who doesn’t want to save money?

This is awesome, right?

You can use the free plan if you have subscribers less than 2500 and send them up to 15,000 emails per month for free. Also, you will get unlimited push notification service in the free plan.

Also, you can analyze every campaign sent using the statistics report. This report helps to understand your audience and send better campaigns.


You have got three options in automation,

  • Automated series
  • Special date
  • Triggered email

If you are conducting an online course via email, this might work for you or if you have something that needs a series of emails to be sent, then this would be the best choice for you.

We should keep our words. So, if you have offered your readers something on some special days. And if you want to send something special to your audience on special days without forgetting it, you can use this automation, special date for that.

And if you want to send emails on an action, you can use Triggered email, like when someone signup for the newsletter, when someone clicks on something, etc.

Resending Emails to Increase Open Rates

Maybe your reader might have forgotten to read your mail, resending the email would work then, right?

SendPulse resends those unread emails which will help to increase the open rate and conversion rate.

So, what do you think, is SendPulse useful for you?

It would be the best tool for small business owners mostly as it is the affordable and useful tool at this price. You can create your free account to start using it.

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