Effects of Cyberbullying on Young Generation

Cyberbullying is the rising issue in the modern online media; it has the safe effects of the real-life bullying. Young kids and teens are the most frequent victims these days. The invention of cell phones and the social media platforms have become vulnerable for the youth.

They use social networking apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Tinder, Snapchat, Whatsapp and plenty of others alike.

They do activities on these instant messaging apps and websites such as text messages, phone calls, chat conversation, share media files in the shape of videos and photos and make friends online whom they even don’t in real life.

Cyber bullies are present in every single social networking app and the young kids and teens got into the trap and bullied online. When it comes to the effects of cyberbullying, young kids and teens suffer a lot once they bullied online and the after effects are more lethal and disturbing.

    Who are the cyber bullies?

Cyber Bullies are the people who tormented, humiliates, threatened and harassed by young kids and teens in the digital world by using sexual language, racist slogans and through plenty of others methods. When young kids, teens, and preteens use cell phones connected to the internet and use online media, online bullies chase them and bullied them online.

    Why do cyberbullies bully others?

Actually, these people are mentally ill and frustrated people, they often have anger and motivate themselves to get revenge. On another hand there plenty of bullies online who bullies people for the sake of fun, entertainment and the moment when getting bored. Because, they usually have leisure time and the young kids and teens are the soft target for them to do adventures and pranks. Therefore, the modern technology and the internet are the best source and safe tool for them to do the illegal and evil activities.

    What are the after effects of Cyber Bullying?

Online bullies are not different people or they are not from another planet. Cyber bullies could be anyone such as adults and even the young teenagers too. So, when these types of peoples bullied someone online, the effects could be very dangerous for the victims. Today we are going to discuss the after effects of cyber bullying on the victims.

According to the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance survey, almost 16% percent of young students from the grade of 9 till 12 were cyber bullied at least once or twice in the past year. On another hand, in two consecutive years, 2008 and 2009 school crime supplement said that kids and teens from the grade of 6 to 12 bullied online. The cyber bullying turns into low self-esteem and even in swear cases attempt suicide. Let’s discuss the effects of cyber bullying.

    The Effects of Cyber Bullying

The effects of cyber bullying may not be noticeable at first, but the stress factor builds up over time. Many students experiencing cyber bullying feel alone and scared. In most instances, cyber bullying doesn’t start online, but in person. The situation then escalates. The signs of cyber bullying include:

    Don’t want to go to school

When young kids or teens got cyber bullied, they don’t want to go to school, because of a fear factor. They think their school mates who bullied them online will also bully again in real life that could be more embarrassing for them. So, they start making different kinds of plans and don’t want to school and their parents get worried and don’t know the actual reason.

    Don’t use social media platform

They stop using their favorite social messaging apps and don’t do the activities they want to do before. Whenever a person starts using the same thing from where they get bullied online they become angry and nervous. They don’t remain social with their friends and even with the family members.


Loneliness becomes their best friend and they stop living with family members and with friends. They don’t want to take part in any curricular and extra-curricular activities and they often saw sitting at the place thinking about something.

    Low self-esteem

They start thinking themselves as waste on earth and they don’t have any goal because of feeling with low self-esteem. They start lacking the confidence and often seem shy and introvert while talking someone.

    Mode changes

Mod changes are the most accurate indicator of young kids and teens who bullied online. Mod changes mean sometimes seems angry sometimes feel happy or normal.

    What to do?

Parents should use android monitoring software in order to prevent young kids and teens from the curse of cyberbullying. They just need to install on young kids and teens cellphone and afterward, they can view IM’s logs, chat conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos, text messages and the friends they have made online. On another hand use can also listen to the live calls, block internet and messages remotely and view installed apps on the cell phones.


Don’t take cyberbullying is a matter of time, take it seriously and protect your kids and teens from cyber bullying with the help of cell phone spy app.

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