4 Step Guide To Keyword Research And Content To Improve Your SEO

Whether you’re a professional content marketer or a beginner, you always feel the pressure of creating unique content, making sure it’s up-to-date, innovative and most importantly resourceful.

The content marketing competition is at its peak. The essential ingredient of content marketing is Keywords. Content and keywords both go along very well and are quite effective to improve your SEO.

In this article, we’re going to discuss 4 step by step process for discovering and using best keywords for your SEO strategy.

    Conduct a keyword research survey

The first step is the research phase in which you gather many keywords that can possibly fit for your site to appear. Look for keywords that are not used on your current site and especially those that your competitors are using in their SEO strategy.

According to the professionals from the online marketing company in Singapore, it has been estimated that over 70% of content industries are focusing on creating a unique content than the previous year. The basic objective is to target the keyword that people might search for when looking for something. There are various tools such as similar web, Moz keyword finder and other tools that can help decide which keywords are top trending.

There are plenty of keywords but you just need one or two keywords and avoid overstuffing keywords. It’s quite a long process and takes time and effort to select the right keyword and work on it.

    Find keyword volume and competition

The next step is to get keywords volume. There’s a limit to how many keywords you can use and the keywords are given preference according to the search volume and traffic.

There are a variety of tools available that can tell you the search volume and guide you through the keyword selection.

Google keyword planner is one such tool that lets you target the right keyword in your relevant category by showing you a strategic volume of the keywords so that you can decide which one to select. Moreover, it helps you differentiate between words that would make great URL’s to be saved for blogs or websites.

    Prioritize your keywords

After searching out all the relevant keywords in your niche, it’s time to select the keywords according to your preference. The final selection of keyword comes out after you prioritize which keyword to use.

There are tons of tools available in this regard that will help in mapping out the effective keywords. The prioritize keyword should have the potential to target the audience and make your site rank on the top search engine page.

    Use structure keywords to create potential URL

You can map out all the targeted keywords and use the selected ones to generate more leads to your site. Select the keywords that can drive visibility to your website. Accordingly, you can insert the keywords in your content, making sure your content is resourceful and can serve the audience well.

After selecting your keyword you can produce more optimized pages. The mapping process is an effectual way to make sure the visitors are visiting your site and finding the information updated useful.

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