Advantages of Having a Smart Watch You Should Not Miss

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”-Edward Teller

In a world where smart TV’s and smartphones exist, it is only inevitable for smartwatches to be on the rise as well. Unfortunately, in an era where convenience and accessibility are afforded by diminutive devices such as smartphones, smartwatches are considered as a plethora of a technology riddled world.

In this regard, people would see them as nothing more than a mere novelty item that is not worth shelling out cash for. In some aspects, many might agree to this. After all, what feature can the smartwatch do that smartphone is incapable of?

However, in order to appreciate and marvel at the ingenuity of a smartwatch, one must understand that it is not meant to be a standalone object but rather a gadget device used in conjunction with your smartphone.

With a smartwatch, you would no longer need to take out your smartphone for the tiniest notifications or simply to read a text message. Considering this, you are able to multitask better without getting distracted by your phone.

In any case, if you are vacillating as to whether to get yourself a smartwatch or not, here are some of the merits of owning one:


    Tell time plus a myriad of features

Seeing that a smartwatch is first and foremost, a watch after all, you should be able to tell time.

However, apart from simply telling the time, it also comes with a lot of extra features. To be fair, the watch still tells the time quite accurately, but a smart watch is a modern update and quite honestly, it is far better than your ordinary watch.

If you are worried about them looking too advanced or complicated, there are smartwatches that retain the classy outlook of a traditional watch.

    A travel buddy on your wrist

It has been said that a smartwatch knows more about what you need to do that you do. In this regard, when you are traveling, you can easily get directions or even track every step you make while walking. Moreover, your pulse rate is easily detected which is especially useful when you are depressed.

    Finding keys, phones and other devices is made easier

As organized as we claim to be, we cannot keep track of every single possession we have—especially if we have quite a lot of them. More often than not, you will find yourself forgetting or even losing essential items such as your phone and keys. This can be especially frustrating as locating them can be quite time consuming.

However, with a smartwatch you would be able to solve this matter in matter of minutes or even seconds. The smartwatch has a built-in find phone feature which you can use to then locate your phone. Alternatively, you can connect any other device and just have it ring through your watch should you wish.

    Great fitness tracker

Before the rise of smartwatches, “FitBit” were all the rage and were rather popular with health buffs and fitness enthusiasts.

Well, the smartwatch has integrated this feature into its core technology and would help you achieve your fitness goals. So, if pedometers or fitness trackers are two things you have always wanted to buy, find both all in one device: the smartwatch.

    Reply to SMS and receive calls

One of the excellent things about owning a smartphone is that when you receive a text or call notification, you would no longer need to bring out your phone. You can receive both while you are on the go and since it is on your wrist, there is no risk of you ever missing calls and text messages. Furthermore, some watches have incorporated voice support which means your voice can instantly turn into commands.

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