Jio is the Best Network In India : OpenSignal

That’s a proud moment for All Jio fans. OpenSignal has announced Jio as the network with the best Coverage in India.

What’s OpenSignal?

OpenSignal is an International company, which is famous for its coverage mapping. They find and tell you which network has better coverage in your location.

You can download their Android or IOS app to check the network availability in your location.

According to their recent update, Jio wins the overall award for the Speed improve from their previous update. Jio registered a 49% increase in overall speed from the previous month.

This is the update after testing with more than 700k phones in India. They have done about 7 billion tests for this. So, this isn’t something fake. It took them three months for the test, starting from June 2017 to August 2017.

The awards were given to the best 3G/4G download speed, overall download speed, latency 4G/3G, and availability. In which Jio tops the Overall Download Speed and Availability. Airtel was the best in Download Speed on both 3G and 4G categories. But their speed was reduced when compared with the previous update of OpenSignal.

Jio is the Most available Network

During the last six months, Jio has improved a lot. It has become the most available network. Jio users are using the highest amount of data every month and still, Jio tops the Overall Speed with the quality of their service. And still, they are working on their infrastructure which is going to help them provide even more speed and availability in upcoming months.

Jio is now available in 95% area whereas Airtel is only available at 56% of the areas. Airtel being the fastest network,

But you know, Jio is the largest network provider and still it’s providing the best speed possible to every location in India. As Jio subscribers migrate from Free to Promotional tariff and gradually to regular tariffs, you can expect even better speed in the upcoming months.

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