How To Root Android Phone With Cydia

Rooting is a process by which we get the full control over our Android phone. Yes, almost everything. It’s called as Rooting in Android and the same process for iPhones is called as Jail Breaking. And the methods are different and you know that.

If you get root access, you will be able to uninstall system apps, control CPU, install apps that need root permission, etc.

Here’s the guide to root your Android phone with Cydia Impactor.

Here’s what you need for rooting:

  • An android phone.
  • At least 60% of battery.
  • A good working data cable
  • A pc with Windows XP/7/8/10 installed.
  • Cydia Impactor application

    How to root almost all android devices using Cydia impactor

  • Download and extract the impactor to the desktop using WinRAR or 7zip.
  • Go to the developer options of your mobile and enable USB debugging.

In some devices, by default, Developer options are not enabled.

To enable developer options, You should go to the settings >> About phone >> click on Build Number for more than 7 times. And you will see a short popup message that you are now a developer. It’s activated, and now you can enable USB Debugging.

  • After enabling USB debugging, Connect your android mobile to your PC.
  • Open the impactor.exe from the folder you have
  • Select #Drop SuperSU Su to system/xbin/Su
  • Click on start.
  • After the process is completed, disconnect the data cable.
  • Restart your mobile phone
  • Go to Google Play Store and download SuperSU. Open the app and update the libraries if prompted.
  • Yes, you have successfully rooted your Android Phone.

    Advantages of Rooting

  • With the help of root access, you can control the processor speed of your mobile.
    The process is called Under clocking. In this way, You can improve your battery life.

For example, Your mobile came with 900MHz, after rooting your mobile, you can reduce the speed to 600 MHz. It will reduce speed, but, improve your battery life

  • Don’t like inbuilt apps ?? By rooting your mobile, you can uninstall all the apps from your phone, even they came by default.
  • With many applications like Titanium backup, you can backup your application data with ease
  • The wonderful thing is customized OS. Don’t like the android version of your mobile? Then you can install custom ROM to your mobile and give it a new look. Cyanogen is an unofficial OS which looks almost similar to the Android OS. If you like to upgrade your JellyBean mobile to KitKat, You can download Cyanogen OS of KitKat to your mobile and install it using a custom recovery.

    Disadvantages of Rooting

  1. Rooting voids warranty. If your phone has warranty period left, Never root your mobile. Because it will void the warranty and if your mobile got a problem, Your mobile service provider can’t do anything.
  2. Rooting is a dangerous process. If you don’t have experience in rooting mobiles, Never try them. Because, if the process of rooting aborts without competition ( In the middle ), Your mobile will break. And your phone will be permanently bricked. And all you can do is, Just throw the phone into the dustbin. But don’t worry, Cydia Impactor is the safest way to root an android mobile. Tested by me.

    How to unroot a mobile phone after rooting

Some users won’t be satisfied after rooting their mobile. So, They will try unrooting mobile and sometimes break their mobiles in the process of unrooting. To unroot your mobile, you don’t need a PC or Mac.

You can see, After using Cydia, we have installed SuperSU from play store. So, you can use it for unrooting your mobile. Here is a guide to unroot your mobile using SuperSU app.

  1. Open SuperSU application
  2. Go to settings, scroll down until you see full unroot and select unroot
  3. Click on continue and restart your phone
  4. Your mobile will be unrooted.


In this way, you can root almost all android devices with the help of Cydia Impactor. By using the above guide, I have successfully rooted my Samsung Gts-5282 mobile and later installed Cyanogen OS on my phone. That’s why I’ve written this guide.

About the Author: Samba Siva

Samba Siva is the founder of Blogger WP Hacks . He is a blogger, Part time freelancer and A tech freak. He is also working on other blog call Root Master APK Download

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