5 Awesome Tools For Successful Remote Web Design Teams

The digital craze we have all become a part of has enabled us to communicate more easily and efficiently by using a variety of communication and collaboration tools.The technology has not only created a number of communication channels that we can now bring to our advantage, but it has also enabled a number of businesses to start working with teams all across the globe.You are now able to work regardless of the time zone you belong to or the place where you are located. This allows you to become a member of a remote team who are all focusing their efforts on delivering the best possible results.


However, even if you gathered a team of people who have the right knowledge and skills to produce a positive outcome, there are still a number of tools you can use to make their work much easier and more productive. Since there are hundreds of web-design tools that can improve your remote team’s productivity, finding the right set that will work for your business is not an easy task.


That’s why we have rounded up a few web-design tools that can help your remote web-design team show their maximum potential and become real examples of teamwork.


InVision is the tool specially designed for UI/UX and web designers. It allows your team to create design layouts and comment on them directly. Also, it helps your team make to-do lists and share layouts with your colleagues and clients with just a few clicks instead of wasting their time sending the results of design work through pdf file or jpg images. With Invision, you can upload your design files and add animations or gestures to transform your static screen into interactive prototypes. Also, it allows you to use boards where you can talk about your design ideas and Freehand to sketch, draw, wireframe and share feedback with your team colleagues.


SnagIt is a simple and powerful screen capture software that lets your team share planned and ready design ideas in a matter of seconds. Take a screenshot or capture a video and customize and edit every screenshot with professional-quality markup tools. With SnagIt, you can also convert videos into animated GIFs and record online meetings.


ActiveCollab is the best project management software for designers that helps your team stay organized even at most difficult times. ActiveCollab is a feature-rich app that allows your team to stay productive while juggling multiple tasks and looming deadlines. It allows them to track the time of every single task they are working on and stay within the timelines. Also, ActiveCollab enables your team to provide feedback directly to the task and make necessary modifications. All the people who are assigned to the project will immediately be notified about any updates and modifications which will help them stay on the track. Finally, with ActiveCollab, you can involve your clients in the project, and let them have a clear overview of all the tasks at hand and invoice once the project is successfully completed.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a collaborative document-editing service which provides your remote team with a flexible workspace where all the members of the team can contribute to the project by giving their better and inspiring ideas. Dropbox Paper allows you to focus on the real work at all stages of team development without having to switch between the tools constantly. It lets your team manage and organize their work by keeping all their work in one place and by using a Google calendar sync to set up meetings and keep everyone informed at any given time.


Screenhero is a collaborative screen sharing tool with voice chat that was specifically designed for the remote team to interact more easily. It enables all of your remote team members to be in control by using their mouse cursor and makes remote pair programming and debugging seamless. Screenhero gives you the ability to present your ideas to your team and make necessary modifications without having to send files back and forth. It will also enable other team members to freely point with their mouse cursors. Finally, Screenhero lets you write emails, draft documents, edit videos and work on every app together in a team.


Every web-design team has to have the arsenal of web-design tools that will help them achieve their goal and triumph in future projects as well. If you decide to invest in this tool and make them essential parts of your toolkit, you will be able to upscale your team’s productivity and reduce the time wasted on low-energy tasks.

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