Is SEO Part of the Web Design Process?

The design of a website has always been given prime importance as it is the first thing that gets noticed. Most of the people that visit a website tend to stay longer on it if it has a great design and advanced features. However, the main objective of a website is to benefit a business by bringing in more visitors to it.

Therefore, if users don’t visit a website then all the efforts that have been made in enhancing the design of it will be a waste of time and money. In order to avoid such a situation, it is important that along with the design of a website another important component called SEO is given an equal importance.

Relation of SEO with Design of A Website

Most of us would have heard about the term SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a process of getting more volume of traffic from all the different search engines to a website. There are a number of different components that are included in this process. Moreover, the web designer who is in charge of designing and developing the site must be well aware of the best ways in which a website can be optimized.

A web designer needs to focus on the aspect of SEO as it is considered really important in getting traffic on a website. However, if SEO is completely neglected during the design part then a website would experience very less or zero traffic.

Below mentioned are few of the points that highlight the role of SEO in Web Design.

  • Firstly SEO and website design are not two different things. As the design of a website is important so is SEO. Due to this, most of the web designers are integrating SEO along with the website design process. This will be beneficial for a website and bring value to it in the designing stages itself. However, as some of the companies are not aware of the complete potential or importance of SEO they tend to ignore it.

  • Getting traffic or visitors on a website become a much simple task if a website has an SEO friendly design. Most of the web designers implement the latest technologies but forget to make a website SEO friendly. These technologies will do no good in making the website rank higher on the search engine results until and unless the search engines are able to have an access to the content of a website. SEO is not just about content or creating links. It includes the architecture of the website, navigation and a lot more other things. This proves that SEO plays a crucial role in the web design process.

  • Content is an important part of each and every website. Similarly, it is a crucial aspect of SEO as well. The web designer must have a complete knowledge of what the website is all about before commencing the design process. Once this has been achieved by the designer then a list of the common keywords that the users might search in order to get access to the website’s information should be made. By using the right keywords on the web page will enable a website to achieve higher rank in the search results. Placing the keywords at the time of designing a website will be a much easier process rather than going to a web page that has already been created and insert SEO related changes into it.

  • Link development is an important part of the off-site optimization. However, this will be of no use if the design of a website is not according to SEO guidelines. This is because the links that a website receives from other sites play a vital role in making it escalate in the search engine rankings.

  • By having a website optimized more number of visitors would be visiting a website that will enable an organization to create a brand of its own. This will allow the organization to outclass its competitors and always stay ahead of them. If the SEO of a website is done in a well-defined manner it will bring in more customers for the business that will ultimately turn out to be profitable for it.

In The End

From the above-mentioned points, you would have been able to understand how SEO is related to the design of a website. The bottom line is that SEO of a website is important as much as the design of it. The best way to design a website is to give importance to its SEO from the beginning of the design process itself. This will allow a website to achieve a higher rank from the moment it is available for the online audience. Along with this, a web designer will be able to save a lot of time and money that he would have otherwise invested in making an already designed website search engine optimized.

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