Top 10 Plugins Helping to Increase Your Website Traffic

Websites are the most used platforms in today’s world, and they are also becoming popular day by day. The most compelling feature about the sites is that they can be accessed easily and this task can be performed from any place. These platforms complete every need and they are interactive as well. There are certain features and additional elements that can be added to the site and it can help in raising the visitors on the site because the more visitors ensure better income.

Many plugins are available, and they can be used on the websites to make them effective, and with the help of these plugins the website will be able to get new readers, and they will also ensure that the readers will visit again and again.


When there are any blog posts, then this plugin is very effective, and it is a slider that is associated with social media. The folks can directly slide and share the contents on the desired social media platform. There are other versions of sharebar as well, and they can also be used because they perform the same tasks. While carrying out marketing strategies on the social media, it is of great use because share button is available right in the plugin. With the help of this plugin, profiles can be added in the tweets so that it reaches more people and the traffic gets increased.

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This is also a powerful plugin that is required the websites because it provides effective lead conversion. The visitors of the website are directly converted into the subscribers of email. The plugin notices all the movements of the user and then sends the message at the time when they start to leave. These things ensure that the users stay on the site for a long time.

It is the best tool, and it never creates any issues because it is better in comparison with the other tools and the conversion rate that is achieved by the users is nearly six hundred percent. The top brands prefer to use this tool for better conversions.

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    All In One SEO Pack

This plugin is again a most powerful tool, and there are many good points that can elaborate about the efficacy of this tool. Along with increasing the traffic, the tool is useful in many other things as well. It acts rapidly and increases the rankings on the internet, and automatically the tags are added. Apart from this, the tags and important fields are also optimized easily without any problem, and it will always lead to success.

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    Tweet the Older posts

Website owners have many liabilities especially when something is shared, and if they forget about this, then it can create issues. Therefore, tweet old post is the plugin that will help at this point because it will regenerate all the older posts on the social media. The plugin is automatic, and the users can also set the frequencies according to the requirements so that the posts are retrieved from the given date easily.

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    Floating Social bar

It is true that there are ample plugins that are associated with WordPress and with the help of this all the contents can easily be shared. Floating social bar is very easy, and it lists all the social networks on the top, and if the users require then, it can list everything at the bottom as well. However, it must be decided by the user because if the place selection is perfect, then the visitor’s will be able to identify the posts that are drafted.

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    WordPress to Twitter

Enter the world that is free from manual efforts and share all the contents on Twitter with WP to Twitter. This plugin has an automated system, and as soon as the contents are published on the WordPress, the plugin takes it on Twitter. Now, the users need not copy the links separately and paste on Twitter.

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    Google sitemaps

The contents are to be indexed properly, and Google XML Sitemaps are the most reputed tool that is perfect for this task. This plugin ensures the posting job, and it also helps in navigation. The search engines can easily find the WP site with the help of this plugin. The user just needs to execute this plugin on the site, and it will notify about all the essential elements.

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    WP popular posts

Even if the ranking is better on SERP for the keyword, then it must be ensured that it receives more traffic and for this, the content must be perfect. WordPress popular post is the plugin that will help in maintaining the older readers effectively, and this will increase the impression as well.

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    Click and Tweet

This is again a WordPress plugin, and it helps a lot in Twitter marketing but the main part that is content. The content is transformed in the forms of tweets, and it helps in attracting the users effectively. Click to Tweet is a simple plugin and it creates beautiful tweets for the readers.

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    Instant Articles

One of the biggest collaboration because WordPress and Facebook and they both are instrumental, and they can easily fetch the required traffic. Instant articles help in setting up the site for articles. The loading speed for the articles is faster, and the users will just have to click on it. However, the most important work that is performed by this plugin is that it brings ample traffic on the landing page.

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Wrapping Up:

The plugins mentioned above are best, and they deliver perfect results to the users. Apart from this, there are no issues in using them at all because the console is easier and it supports all the platforms easily. The prices of all the plugins differ according to the functions, so the users have to decide accordingly. Rest is the traffic, and this will be managed by the plugins easily, and it will take place quickly. So, purchase the one that is suitable and start growing today.

About the Author: Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke is expert in WordPress Plugin Development and she is working for WordSuccor Ltd. She likes to stay updated with the latest tech advancements and also loves to contribute to the same. For those who are looking to hire WordPress developers that can match pace with the competitiveness can count on Sarah for it.

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  1. great list for best pulg-ins i use most of them and look for a plugin like popup domination. I think Yoast SEO is the top best, it has lots of features like the site map, robots text and so much more built together. I also recommend a floating sidebar plugin.

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