Jio 303 The Best Offer or Not

Now, after Jio has extended their free offers. So, what you are going to do now? Recharge and enjoy

So, what you are going to do now? Recharge and enjoy

Recharge and enjoy Jio Prime or leaving it behind and going to get your old sim card again?


We are going to review the Jio 303 plan with the latest offers by other operators, Idea, Airtel and Vodafone.

Why is Jio Prime better than other offers?

Features :

  • It is valid for 12 months from the date of recharge.
  • Every Jio users will get the offer.
  • Everything unlimited.
  • 4G usage of 1GB/day, after that 128kbps.
  • Offer valid for all Jio Prime users, and it’s for 12 months.

So, you have read the features now. And now, you should know why is it better than other offers.

Availability :

Jio prime and the 303 offer is available for all those who recharges. But the offers by other operators aren’t available for everyone. The users are selected by the operator. So, if you don’t get the SMS about the offer, you won’t get the offer even if you recharge for the offer price.

And Jio Prime is available all over India but other operator’s offer are only on selected circles of India.

Usage :

Jio provides everything unlimited, including the voice and the internet. Airtel and Idea also offer the unlimited usage of Voice and Vodafone limits it to 300 minutes per day and 1200 minutes per week.

But when only Jio provides unlimited data. There’s a limit of 1GB 4G for Jio, but after that, you can use the internet at a speed of 128kbps, which is not provided by any other operator. Also, Idea is offering only 14 GB of data for Rs.348 where Jio provides unlimited data for Rs. 303.

Vodafone and Idea limit the usage by 1GB per day and Airtel by 0.5GB/day and 0.5GB/night.


  • Other operators don’t guarantee any validity of the offer, they can withdraw the offer anytime. Whereas Jio provides it for 12 months.
  • Offers are only for 4G users.

And, Jio Prime is better know?

They are offering you the best service at the lowest price. And everything is unlimited to use on Jio.

So, are you ready to experience Jio Prime?

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