Couple Who Travelled the World and Built a Life Together

Today, I âm going to tell you a story of a couple, who traveled the world together and built a life they dreamt of. People dream about traveling the world. Some of them make it happen, and some others keep it as a dream itself. And this couple will be an inspiration for you if you dream about traveling the world before you grow old.

We should build a life before we enjoy it. But, how to settle in life?
How long will it take for that?
Was this couple settled in life before they left for traveling?
This might be the question that came to your mind when you read the first line of this post. So, read their story to get the answers.

This is a story of a Middle-class Indian couple, Mr.Arun, and Miss.Anjali, who got married in 2009 and went on a world tour leaving their best-paid jobs behind. No one including their family supported their idea of a world tour. Because they weren’t settled in life. They just started it, and there is a long way to go. But Arun and Anjali were determined. Somehow, they convinced their family and began their journey from a remote village in Kerala.

They didn’t plan anything about their trip. They didn’t even think about the first place to visit. But they knew how to build a life while they travel the world. Before boarding the Train from Kannur, they invested their money in best sip plans of Birla Sun Life- Sabse Important Plan (SIP).

Investment? Why?
How is it going to help them build a life when they travel?

They found the top sip plans and joined the best plan. Because their plans were to save money for life they dreamt of, so, they invested it there. It was the best investment they made, and it changed their life. They got the better returns from it.

And when they returned after a few years of journey, their pockets weren’t empty. Now, they have enough money to live rest of their life.

To settle in life, you need the best plans. The best investment changed Arun’s and Anjali’s life. They got a life they wanted, and they are enjoying it. They settled in life after the journey, not before it. And it doesn’t take years for them because it’s their decision that helped them settle. A good investment in the best SIP plan can make your life a better one.

Everyone has dreams and goals that they want to fulfill. These goals need a SIP will be that one-stop solution for fulfilling their dreams.

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