Under Construction Free WP Plugin Review

What will you do when your site is under maintenance? Will you allow your visitors to see a broken page?

It’s good to let your visitors know that your site is under maintenance than seeing a 404 error page. Showing the visitors a broken page will only help you to decrease your traffic, and you know it!

So, I think you know the importance of showing an impressive Under Construction or Maintenance Page. But you don’t want to spend your precious time for building a beautiful under construction page. So, what you need is a plugin that can do all those things in few clicks.

And here is an excellent plugin for you, Under Construction Page, the best WordPress Plugin for showing your visitors that you are working on your site redesign.

Features of this plugin:

  • Easy Installation
  • Anyone can set up the under construction page with few clicks.
  • Several high-quality themes.
  • Can add Social Media profile links easily.
  • Can add Subscription on any theme.
  • Can whitelist the access to specific users.
  • Can track visits using Google Analytics.

    Configuring The Plugin


This is the Settings page of Under Construction plugin. Isn’t it looking user-friendly and neat?

You can set the end date and time of your maintenance work there to stop the page from showing the Maintenance mode. And for this, you should start the maintenance mode.

Also, the best feature I see in this plugin is the Google Analytics tracking. You can track your visitors who visited the page when it was under maintenance using this. You can add your Google Analytics Tracking code to enable the feature. And it’s an entirely optional feature, if you don’t want to track the visits, you don’t need to fill the box.


    Choosing A Theme

You can choose a theme that you like from a variety of themes from the Design Tab. And all those themes are Free. I don’t think that there are other plugins like this, which gives such a great collection of themes for free.

I don’t think that there are other plugins like this, which gives such a great collection of themes for free. And more themes will be available soon.

You can Click on the last box seen on that page to tweet the developer a request to add more themes.

See my tweet here.

    How To Edit The Contents

You have lots of option here in the content tab.

  • Edit the contents of the whole page.
  • Can add Social Icons from this page.
  • Subscribe box.

You can see it here,


This is the first part of this page where you can edit the title, tagline, and headline that are shown on the page.


And this is the second part of the content page. Here, you can see the Editor. You can type or add all those things that you want to see on your Maintenance page. This editor helps to insert subscription box on the page.

You can see the option Add Contact Form above the Editor. You can insert the subscription box from there. You can choose the fields that you need and click on the button Add this form to my post to insert the form on the page.

You can also add the links to your social media accounts on the main page. There are options to add links to several social media sites. And this helps the visitors to keep in touch with the site.

    Whitelist Access


This is another feature that is indeed. When you work on design, you co-workers can work on posts or other things on the site if you whitelist them here in Access page.

This feature is enough to make this the best WordPress under construction page plugin.


    More About The Plugin

This is a plugin by WebFactory Ltd. They are one of the Best WordPress Plugin Developers, and you can trust their plugin like we do.

You can also read the review by WPLoop here.

You can download the plugin here.

You can watch a video related to this plugin to know more about the plugin.

    What Do I Think About This Plugin

I think this is a plugin that deserves to be recommended to our readers. And the support team also seems to be great when I had a chat with them.

And of course, it is a free plugin and it’s okay to try the plugin. You will like the plugin.

Would like to know your reviews in comments.

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