SUP : The Best Adventure Sport in India

Have you ever surfed through the sea waves?

SUP is an excellent adventurous sport that everyone who loves to do adventure should try at least once.

Trust me, if you did it once, then you will be addicted to it. This is fun and awesome.

Get a Surfing board and enjoy your first surf today. But how and where?

Is it possible in India? Can I surf from an Indian Sea?

Yes, there are many beaches in India where you can do SUP. But make sure you don’t become an issue for other surfers.

And what about the Surfing board?

You can buy SUP in India. So, don’t worry about it. Just make sure you follow these small tips (Not an expert tip, still it will be useful).

1. If you are surfing the first time, only enter if people are nearby and if the sea isn’t crowded with surfers. Also, watch the waves and understand its size, make sure you can surf on it.


2. Whenever you feel unstable while surfing, bend your knees and keep paddling until the next wave you want to surf on.


3. Always maintain contact with the paddle. Don’t let off your paddle.


Don’t you want to know more about SUP?

SUP originated in Africa. People sit on the paddle under a wave comes, and it will be real fun once you learned it. Also, it is not something easy. You should be careful while doing SUP. Not just to save you. There might be a lot of people surfing near you. You should take care of them.

Also, you should avoid colliding with each other. And for a proper surfing, the paddle should be of proper size and shape.

Inflatable Board, have you heard about it?

If not, the board we use for SUP are inflated, and the board and the pump for filling the air are kept in the backpack. The board is made from laminated layer over foam cores and locked with several nylon stitches. So, this makes the board durable and transportable.

And there are something about the size of the board that you should know.

Many SUP boards will be available online, but everything may not be suitable for every surfer. It depends on the size of the board. For normal surfing, the size of the board should be 5 to 7 inches more than the height of the surfer. And for racing, the board should be 10 inches more than the height of the surfer.


What do you want to know more about SUP India?

I recommend for buying Boards and other necessary tools for your first surfing.

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