Jio : Still the has the best average speed even after 100 million customers

Jio is still providing better speed like last month. It gave 9.9 last month, and now it is giving 9.8Mb/s. While Airtel is offering 8.2Mb/s.

The average Speed across telecoms are as follows:


Speeds (Mbps) Cities Mumbai Delhi Chennai
Jio 23.5 14.3 9.9
Airtel 17 9.9 9.3
Vodafone 73. 5.5 7.1
Idea 7.3 2.8 8.2



The average speeds in the C circle:

Speeds (Mbps) Cities Shimla Assam
Jio 28.4 11
Airtel 9.4 10.4
Vodafone 0 6.9
Idea 10.6 10.4


The speed is still not less for Jio.



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