How Can Business Beginners Improve WordPress Security

WordPress is the most popular website platform on the Internet. From free templates for absolute business beginners to high-profile themes, used by large businesses, this service offers suitable solutions for all sorts of users. Even big companies, like Fortune, Quartz or Variety built their websites in WordPress. However, when something is popular in the online environment, it’s more likely that it will be targeted by malicious hackers. So, here’s how WordPress business users can protect their website.

Long and random passwords

There are two major issues when it comes to passwords – their brevity and simplicity. If these two features are accompanied by overt transparency of information, a knowledgeable hacker can quickly find their way to your WP website. For instance, if your name is Martin Smith and your business is registered at 23 Creek Street, your password shouldn’t be “martin23” or anything similar. To cut to the chase, it shouldn’t contain any words or numbers related to the name of your company, your own name, or any other features connected with your business. Moreover, combinations such as “123… 9” and back are also not an option. What you should do is either come up with a complex combination of numbers and letters on your own or use one of online password managers. Finally, it’s recommended to go beyond ten characters, to maximize the level of password impenetrability.

Change the lame username

Since changes on a WP website are made via a user-friendly dashboard, it’s vital that you cover any potential clues that could help hackers get to you. The most important security tip here is to make a new “Admin” name. Every administrator of every WP website is randomly called “Admin”. However, such a simple and generic name makes it easier for hackers to get into your WP system. Therefore, give yourself a new name and assign all the previous posts on the website to this new user. So, if someone decides to come down at your website, this will keep them away from entering its structure, at least for a while.

Themes and plugins from reliable sources

Ready-made themes and plugins are two major advantages of WordPress. Since this is an open-source platform, you can easily access features created by professional developers and enthusiasts from the entire world. While this is a benefit, it sometimes raises some security questions. This is why you should never download a WordPress add-on without doing detailed research on its source and usability. Luckily, the online WP community is a group of sharing and caring people. They leave comments and reviews of plugins they use.
Moreover, when it comes to business additions, security aspects become even more important. For instance, if you’re planning a business banquet for charity, add a reliable WP event ticketing system to your website. Similarly, when promoting a new product through social media, go for checked and functional plugins, such as Buffer. In a nutshell, tested features will keep your business data safe.

Deleting suspicious tracks

WP users can receive notifications on the content bits they post on their website. For instance, if a text from your website has been published on another website, you’ll be informed about that. However, those trackbacks and pingbacks can lead hackers right to the heart of your website. Namely, these traces of your online presence are a perfect path for a DDoS attack on your online hub.
Because of that, you should switch off these notifications. Just click on the Settings section and choose the option Discussion. Here you can switch off the pingback notification feature and reduce the risk of getting hacked.

Taking care of online security is the most important goal of every business owner. If you allow for unauthorized access to your precious business data, your business might soon end up in the gutter. Therefore, you should put every single security option to practice and protect your WP-website from attacks. This will nip any undesired intrusions in the bud and ensure smooth use of WordPress for business purposes.

About the Author: Dan Radak

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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