7 must have Elements of a Great Blog Post

An excellent blog post? Aren’t all blog posts fabulous? No. They’re not, my buddies. With the growth of the blogging community, we notice all sorts of things. From the excellent to the very opposed to it. That’s why popular and successful bloggers ever get the same questions over and over again:

How do you make your blog posts so excellent?

So, yeah. Which elements make a post worthy? What’s the biology of the great blog post everybody fantasizes about?

You have the motivation to start blogging, and you have your bizarre writing voice. What now? Let’s get started with those elements that will make your blog post great.


    The fish stinks enchanting from its Head

For beginners, we’re going to dig that old proverb “The fish smells from its head” and change it to our style. We start the blog post with a distinct, compelling, fascinating and engaging headline or title. What does that imply? Its only goal is to grab the user’s attentiveness and force them to click your article as well as proceed to read more.

Take a glance at these headlines:

  • 11 Marketing Tactics You Cannot Miss in 2017
  • Pizza Flavors to Die for


Boom! Pow! Blast!

No. We’re not addressing about bombs, thank God. Rather, we’re speaking about your eruptive start.

Statistically talking, Reader’s who’ve read your initial 3-4 sentences are going to stay until the end, so we have to present them bombastic. Begin with a query or in an enormous inflated style. You can also tell a story to seize the user and make yourself approachable and more engaging in their sights. As a boring starting of the post will make the user regret the click.

This section is also known as the lead as you hook the user into your words. For that target use more strong words and drop-dead impressive sentences. By that, I mean sentences that aren’t long but tell everything they should. Smart, right?


While sitting at a cafe or the bus, the car, the office people always look out the articles while scrolling online. Not all, but most of them don’t have the time to read through all the details in the article they usually leave the post if it’s not arranged in headings and subheadings. Ah, yes. Subheads. They’re the one factor that keeps the readers anchored to your blog for more time making them the excellent extension to our formula.

Not to leave all of this in words, let’s implement it in the food blog example. Imagine you’re writing an article on the creation of pizza, the recipe to make it as well as the places that serve the most delicious one. The subheads will look anything like this:

“The origin of pizza.”

“How to bake it?”

“The pizza banks.”

You understand that they have to be creative and at the same time clearly state the meaning of the paragraph. That will help the users successfully scan the post and still capture its whole idea.


    Connect and build a story

It’s like a fairytale. Linking your blog posts between each another like an incredible storybook. It’s possible, and you should do it.

By connecting your old blog posts into your new ones called internal linking and it also helps you to boost the popularity of all mentioned posts and your SEO. If the user loves the article they’re reading; they will read the recommended posts.

However, you can link other sites to increase your reliability and professionalism. Even, it’s good to give credit to other writers as well.

Having some social media buttons is a big plus as well. The ones who enjoy what they read will most possibly share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


    You look 10/10!

Everyone loves to look great. In the same way, You should take care of your articles great outfit.

An outstanding blog post has a definite and precise design. You can positively take benefit of the white space by letting it beautify your blog. A bright header that will coordinate with your letters or links mutually with a clear design is lot enough. People in the modern era love to see very fewer colors. And they should be peaceful and pleasant to the eyes.

Of course, here begins the visual stuff. Pictures have the first place accompanied by videos and infographics. They should be relevant, shareable (on Pinterest for one) and decorative. According to Quick Sprout Blog By Neil Patel, blog posts with images get 94% more views. And one thought I learned in this journey was always to trust the numbers. You should too.

Tip: How to Create Free Images for Blogs Even if You Are Not a Designer


    End it on a High Tone

You should end your blog posts with a high tone that will blow the user away. You can do that via the connector known as the conclusion of the blog post. Here’s your opportunity to finish in a way by compiling your points or just presenting your final words on the subject.

Jeff Goins always ends his blog posts with a question to the reader. And you should, too. That’s called a call to action or urging the users to answer to your writing. Many successful bloggers follow it.


    Writing Tips

Only a phenomenal writing can make a blog post great, so here are some valuable tips to help you:

  • Always be genuine and authentic. The duplicate and the spun content are dead. Draft about anything you like, but give it 100% your own.
  • You can order your ideas in bullet points. In this way, the user can read through the relevant information because now that is what everybody does. Skim for important info without wasting much time.
  • Slip into a juicy story. By telling a personal story, you lure the user into staying longer and reading through your entire blog post. Simply like a beautiful lady.
  • Seize the attention via cliffhangers. Beyond the headings, the cliffhangers are what hold the user at the end of the seat. You tantalized them with two-three sentences, but don’t explain all at once. Let them desire for further.
  • Write helpful, engaging, and as if talking to somebody you seem close to.


The Final Verdict:

I believe that we’ve come to an end. As a concluding word, I’d love to say that there is no particular scientific method about a great blog post. After all, it’s what lies beneath down in you that presents you bizarre. If you handle to put that into words and convey it via your keyboard onto the internet, you’ll grow like a pro in this. Blogging like any other art is prompted exactly by that. Authenticity and having that x factor.

About the Author: Anuradha Chawla

Anuradha is the co-founder of blog dhost.com. She is a full loving person who enjoys her work thoroughly and has a keen interest in writing. She is a professional blogger and actively engages with readers. In her free times, she loves reading novels along with some soft music. Follow Her: Twitter / Facebook

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