10 Best Websites to Outsource Content Creation

You are great at creating the services and products you offer, but you might not be a great writer, photo editor or photographer. Apart from that, you might not have the necessary time to create the content you need.

How can you solve this problem?

The best way to solve it is by outsourcing.
If you outsource the content-creating process, you’ll save lots of time and money.

Another advantage would be the fact that, due to the increased competition, you can get higher quality services for the same amount of money. You’ll be able to create an extensive range of marketing materials that will bring in more customers. Apart from business-created content, you can outsource client-created content, as well, you can do this by using the services of writing companies reviews. These companies will help you increase your products’ branding.


Here is a list of 10 platforms you can use to find freelancers and start outsourcing.

1. EyeEm

If you are looking for one of a kind photos to add to your work, you should check EyeEm.  If you are tired of using the same old photos and want to create authentic content, this is the platform where you can purchase photos that’ll modernize your presentations. Here you’ll find millions of photos added by professional photographers.

2.Envato Market

You might want to create original content, but you are on a tight budget. Envato is the place to go because here you can find lots of high-quality photos whose prices start from 1$. If you don’t have any budget for acquisitions, you can always go for the free photos you find here. The good part of this platform is that choose from over 9 million digital products, hence create one of a kind content.


This is the place where you can find freelancers in many fields of activity. Here you can find graphic designers, digital marketing specialists, copywriters and translators, video editors, musicians, programmers and much more. It’s virtually impossible to have low-quality content if you use this platform. Fiverr offers you the opportunity to find a great diversity of freelancers with excellent prices, thus keeping your budget to a minimum.


By far, Upwork is one of the most commonly used freelancing platforms in the world. Considering the fact that it has 12 million freelancers, it is a great place to start searching for someone to outsource your content creation-process.  Top businesses are hiring on Upwork, businesses like DropBox, AirBnb, Zendesk. If they can find freelancers to work for their products, you can do it as well.


The best thing about Freelancer is the fact that it offers the competitive bidding process for its clients. This way, you’ll make sure you pay lower rates for content, and you’ll be able to keep this process in the limits of your budget. Graphic design projects start from as low as 90$ per project, and you’ll have plenty of offers to choose from.


In terms of videos, music, sound effects and after effects, Pond5 is one of the leading freelancing platforms. It has one of the biggest selection of stock footage in the world. For as little as 69$ you can have the perfect video to describe your product or service. Content created by the freelancers you’ll find here will attract your audience.


A more independent person would choose VideoScribe because it offers you the ability to create high-definition animations and videos, but it makes the whole process a lot easier. The advantage of this is that you have total control when creating the content for your site. The inconvenience would be the fact that, if you don’t have the necessary time, you still won’t be able to create the content you desire.


With a library containing over 2.9 million video clips, Adobe’s Fotolia offers a great deal of high-quality content for entrepreneurs and small business owners. When using it, you can choose the video you think would suit your product best and use it in your marketing campaign.

You will find many freelancers and, if you want content to be delivered on a monthly basis, you can choose to subscribe to the freelancer you want. You’ll pay a fixed monthly fee of 25 to 100$, and you’ll be able to download and use 5 to 50 photos each month. It’s quite a good offer, you should consider it!

9.Content Mart

Content Mart is the place to go when you want excellent content for your website. Here you can post your order and choose from thousands of qualified copywriters. You can check their profiles and choose the one that suits you best. The brilliant part about it is you don’t have to pay any fee for this. As a client you may use Content Mart’s services for free, thus making it very attractive.

10.Creative Market

In terms of photos, graphics, themes, and fonts, Creative Market is a top-notch platform. Here you can easily find professional designers to create your content. It is highly efficient because delivers personalized products.

Once decided upon the content you want to have, you can search the design which suits you best. They also provide tutorials for those who want to learn the tricks of the trade and create content. The benefit of this platform is that you get high-quality content for as little as 8$.


Outsourcing is very beneficial for business owners looking to improve the content of their websites and presentation brochures. It reduces the resources needed to create the content, and it offers a variety of professionals to choose from. Once you decided upon a professional, you can start creating content to boost your marketing campaign.

About the Author: Robert Morris

Robert Morris is a freelance writer and digital marketing manager with 7 years of experience. Now he works for the writing blog for students essay writing websites reviews.

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  1. Hi Robert, Nice Roundup Indeed.
    I have to say, I have been working on fiverr as a freelancer but when I realized the power of outsourcing work, I started entrusting work to freelancers and getting it done at affordable price.
    Thanks for writing. i will look in these sites too

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