Top 9 Free Cloud Storage Services of 2017

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Where do you keep your personal files, documents, photos, and videos?

Still use flash drives and create multiple folders on your laptop?

Today you have far better options to keep your files organized and share them with friends and colleagues. Cloud services have changed the world of file storage.

A few years ago, we had to create several copies of one and the same file to keep it on different devices. Now, it is enough to download a file to cloud service and adjust the settings so that you (and other people) can reach this file from everywhere whenever you want. The popularity of these services raises every year.

According to studies, 90% of UK Internet-based businesses use cloud services for file storage. Flexibility, easy access, ability to recover deleted information and view the history of changes, free access to most options and absolute freedom of usage make cloud storage services the number one choice for business, students, and other people.


    Why Storage Services Are Useful for Students

It is quite obvious that clouds are effective for business, but why are they so important for students?

Most people think that students need proofreading services not a place for keeping files. But entrepreneurs also need proofreading services, although they do not write essays. So why students need clouds?

In fact, the reasons for getting a cloud storage are the same for everyone, from free and easy access to the possibility to reach necessary information from any device. For a group of students who work together on some research, the possibility to keep and share information somewhere where anyone can access it is priceless.

Just imagine that you have an idea and you need to check the results of other students’ research here and now, but it is 3 o’clock in the morning, everyone is sleeping, and you have to wait till everyone wakes up. With online storage, you may forget about this problem.


    What Cloud Software to Choose

We have already explained why students need cloud storage services. But the question what services exactly they need remains unanswered. We compared the most popular cloud services and selected 9 best storages for students.


One of the most popular services that allow sharing files with selected users. All files are protected and are available only by the link. After creating an account, you receive 2GB of free storage. The referral program allows to receive up to 16 GB.


Google Drive

We all use Google services as this is perhaps the most known search engine in the world. It is enough to create account to receive all the benefits of cloud storage software. First of all, you get up to free 15 GB, possibility to share files with the selected users, and what is more important for students, to edit documents online so that other users can immediately notice changes.


Another great storage for students, however, other users may find it rather inconvenient, as the files over 250 MB cannot be uploaded. Every user receives 10 GB of free storage after creating an account.



The best choice for students who work with big files. This storage allows to keep up to 50 GB for free!



ADrive provides users with free 16 GB which can be expanded to 50 GB. This is not the most popular storage and the reason of that is quite simple – iOS and Android versions have so many ads that it becomes unbearable to use it.



If you care about privacy and security, Bigcasa is the best option for you. Of course, all storage services implement various methods to protect your private information, but Bigcasa has made a step forward in developing options that can help with that. When creating an account, you receive 20 GB of free storage.



Microsoft tries to keep up with times by developing new features for users, although this does not always bring the desired effect. However, with OneDrive, the attempt was quite satisfying, especially for Windows users. This storage allows to receive 7 GB of free storage and expand it inviting friends and enabling photo backups.



If you need a quick and easy free storage to keep small files, SpiderOak is your choice. 2 GB of free storage can be expanded to 10 GB after inviting friends to use the service.


Tencent Weiyun

Chinese developers have something to impress you. 10 TB of free storage cannot be compared to the best European and American cloud services. If you want to try something that will blow your mind, try this storage.

In 2016, these free cloud storages were the best among the others. The modern online industry has multiple options to keep your files at remote servers and use them whenever you want but you need to choose these services attentively. Always remember that your private information must be kept in confidence. If you are not sure that the service will protect it, it is better to change the storage or not download files that may harm your reputation or spoil the results of your work.

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