10 Most Inspiring Indian Travel Bloggers

Regardless of blogs, magazines, or journals, I enjoy reading travel-related articles. Because they instantly transport us to a place even when we’re not able to physically reach there. Being a writer myself and most of the time on my PC, I find internet as the most convenient source to scour the inspiring travel posts, and so far have read several of them captivatingly presented and contained insightful experiences. While most of them are well-written and entertaining in their ways. Some are real sparklers that would give you an instant wanderlust. So here I have compiled a selection of ten such travel bloggers in India whom you can pay attention to, either to draw inspiration from their adventurous journeys or for some very useful travel tips and even a glance at amazing pictures.

1. Siddhartha Joshi

From his impactful travel posts and fantastic photographs to the unique campaign, namely, Tell Me Your Dream. Many things make Siddhartha Joshi a favorite in the travel blogosphere. He epitomizes traveling as a source to inspire others and break barriers. Precisely, this travel genius documents everything that pertains to travel and keeps his blog space, ‘The Wanderer,’ real. With some pleasant and totally enjoyable reads, you won’t be disappointed visiting his blog.

2. Mridula Dwivedi

A former professor as well as a Ph.D. holder from IIT Kanpur, Mridula Dwivedi is a fantastic travel blogger who shares her incredible experiences of trotting around the world through ‘Travel Tales from India and Abroad.’ Featured on BBC and Guardian, it covers a broad spectrum of travel topics – all rolled into one website, from the highly adventurous Boracay Helmet Diving, Mount Merapi Jeep Tour, and Zipline experience in Kota Kinabalu to elaborate Hotel and Things to Do in Dubai.

3. Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath is one passionate traveler who left her corporate profession of more than 15 years for exploring the world. Traveling across the world for more than a decade, she has been to 25 countries and five continents. Through her award-winning blog, ‘A Travel Blog of an Indian Backpacker,’ she offers a unique perspective on travel, especially solo travel; thanks to her clean, crisp and detailed writing style. It also contains interesting articles that recount her love, passion, and experience of visiting India’s lesser-known villages and shrines.

4. Shivya Nath

Chosen as the best Indian Travel Blogger 2015 by Vogue India, Shivya Nath is the ‘Shooting Star’ of the travel blogging world. At a young age of 23, she gave up everything to travel the world solo. She considers road as her teacher and describes herself as a nomad with an incurable desire to keep moving. With such a unique and independent perception towards life, you can’t help but come back to her blogs every so often. Read her posts like ‘An Open Letter to Indian Parents: Let Your “Kids” Travel’; they not only inspire young women to travel but also give them the confidence to pursue their dreams.

5. Indrani Ghose

The person behind the highly inspirational travel blog, ‘i Share,’ Indrani Ghose has traveled to about 20 countries and of course, doesn’t have an intention of stop traveling anytime soon. Follow iSharethese.com to watch out for a vast array of informational travel articles and reviews complemented by spectacular photography. And one section you should not miss out is Indrani’s ‘Faces of India,’ which deftly captures several genuine and innocent expressions of Indians, ranging from the priest of Madhukeshwara Temple and Rajasthani musician to the woman vegetable vendor in Ahmedabad.

6. NP Prasad

NP Prasad has to his credit one of India’s most successful travel blogs, desitraveler.com. I think this is probably the best blog for people who enjoy traveling with family. With practical and first-hand info on a variety of places both in India and abroad, Prasad’s desi Traveler is inviting and beautifully presents a wealth of travel experiences that would keep you tuned in. And he’s pretty amazing in photography as well.

7. Parnashree Devi

Parnashree, a photo editor by profession, has been traveling since 2009. She’s driven a camel cart across the mindblowing landscape of Rann of Kutch, explored the hidden gems like Corn Village near Mussoorie, and even traveled abroad to places like Ayutthaya (Thailand), Maldives, etc. Check out her blog, My Travel Diary, to know about her incredible travel experiences, packed with loads of awesome pictures. Through her long narratives, she encourages everyone to pack a bag and have an immersive experience of visiting a new place and learning about its unique attractions, culture, cuisines, and more.

8. Bhushavali Natarajan

A fashion and textile designer of edgy eco-friendly apparels, Bhushavali Natarajan, is a self-confessed travel enthusiast who loves eco-tours and enjoys exploring the new, hidden and least explored places. Apparently, on her blog ‘My Travelogue,’ she attempts to delve into culture, heritage and untouched beauty of the places she has explored. Her travel stories like Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid and Encounters in Windermere Munnar might just urge you to take an adventurous yet refreshing journey along the uncharted roads.

9. Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma is a software developer who is addicted to pushing his limit through adventure travel and exceptionally passionate about exploring the Himalayas. Devil on Wheels is where he shares his inspiring stories of traveling to some of the most astounding, off-beat and underrated destinations. With some great images, I find this blog super unique as it features some of the most comprehensive travel guides, itineraries, and reviews on the astounding Leh-Ladakh region.

10. Niranjan Das

Niranjan Das is a true nature lover, and this is one reason that has attracted me towards his ‘Tales of a Nomad.’ He mostly chooses least explored roads and narrates real and raw travel stories just as he sees. I’ve read most of his posts and my favorites are the post that captures the beauty of Kaas Plateaus. In fact, you’re sure to find something that you could easily relate to, as you go through his journeying experiences.

This handpicked list is by no means complete as there are many other inspiring Indian bloggers who dish out marvelous travel stories accompanied by valuable travel tips and beautiful pictures, such as Anuradha Goyal, Neelima Vallangi, Arun Bhat, Ami Bhat and more. If you’ve any question or wish to share your tips or opinions, feel free to comment below.

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