Winter Beauty Essentials & the Perfect Holiday Look

Having in mind that November has almost passed, it’s safe to say that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner. If you’re one of those people who adore holiday euphoria, welcome to the club! Here are five useful tips on improving your winter skincare and makeup routines, as well as on the hottest fashion trends, so check them out and shine bright like a diamond this season!


A high-quality moisturiser is a must

Keeping your skin well-nourished should be your top priority during winter. Cold and windy weather can leave it extremely dry and tight, which can even lead to cracking – trust us, you don’t want to experience that on your own skin! Picking a top-notch face moisturiser is something that has to be done in order to repair your parched skin and give it a stunning, healthy glow. Just have in mind that the moisturiser you used during summer should differ from the one meant for winter – the latter should be slightly heavier and creamier, in order to hydrate your skin to the max.


A burst of colour

Holiday season is the perfect time to experiment with colours, so don’t be afraid to be bold when it comes to your perfect makeup look. Fuchsia, ruby red, hot pink, or bright orange – who cares, as long as you’re indulging in these marvellous shades! If you decide to give your lips a touch of colour, you can always choose one of them – they’re great for the upcoming holidays! However, if you opt for going bold with the lips, make sure that your eye makeup is neutral.


Shimmer, shimmer everywhere


Is there anything that screams ‘Holidays!’ more than shimmer, sequins, and glitter? We don’t think so! These are your true best friends during winter, and especially around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. If you’re an avid lover of everything sparkly, you’ll adore the glamorous smoky eye look! When it comes to colour, warm brown-gold will do the trick – it’ll add sparkle to your face, without being too intense. However, you may want to try a rose-gold one – it flatters every skin tone and gives that fabulous glow required for the holiday season. If you’re not quite sure which one to choose, you can simply get your go-to makeup online. You can purchase many fabulous yet very affordable products there, so give it a try!


A touch of velvet

4In case you haven’t noticed yet, velvet is a huge hit in the fashion industry these days. It can be seen literally everywhere – from runway to high-street fashion, which makes it a staple part of every fashionista’s wardrobe. This luxurious fabric is dominant everywhere you look around – clothing items, shoes, accessories – everything is made of it! And all we have to say is: wow! Velvet indeed has a unique vintage vibe that makes it very stylish at the same time. Get yourself one such piece and be trendy this season!


The ultimate holiday look

The last step of getting ready is creating your fabulous holiday look using the previously mentioned products. The first thing to do is moisturising, because healthy and smooth skin is the base for your perfect makeup. Then create a smoky eye using your favourite shimmery shade – just don’t forget to apply one or two coats of black mascara! Once your eyes are smoked up, apply the red lipstick. Here’s a little tip: you can help its longevity by applying setting powder over the tissue! Once your makeup is done, slip into your glamorous velvet dress and you’re ready to go!

Creating your perfect holiday look is not an impossible mission if you have the appropriate products by your side. Everything will be a piece of cake with the right skincare and makeup goodies, as well as with fashionable pieces, so make sure you get them before the holiday season starts!

About the Author: Peter Minkoff

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