Top WordPress Security Plugins You Need Right Now

WordPress is one of the largest blogging platforms. Millions of websites and blogs are using WordPress. To protect your site and the data, you should take some precautions to keep your site safe from hacking. A single vulnerability can be a loophole for hacking. WordPress a with the best framework, and it’s secure. But you are using many third-party WordPress Themes and Plugins on WordPress site.

A single vulnerability in a Theme or Plugin is more than enough to hack a site. Using Nulled Themes and Plugins increase chances for vulnerability. Most of the nulled themes and plugins contain codes that make it vulnerable.

If you are using Premium themes that you have purchased, then chances for vulnerability is less when compared to nulled themes. But there are chances for small vulnerabilities in every WordPress theme and WordPress plugin. So, what you need is a WordPress Security Plugin to protect your site from vulnerabilities and other hacking attempts. There are a lot of security plugins in WordPress, but we need the best WordPress Security Plugin.


WordFence Security

wordfence wordpress security plugin


WordFence is the most popular WordPress security plugin with more than 1 million installs. It checks all your WordPress files like themes, plugins and identifies if any vulnerabilities are there. It makes the site faster and protects the site from Brute Force attacks. WordFence can block traffic from a particular region, IP and fake traffic bots. WordFence is a free WordPress Security Plugin. But there’s a premium version with extra features.

WordFence is a free WordPress Security Plugin. But there’s a pro version with extra features. You can buy the pro version if you need more features to protect your site.


Sucuri Security

sucuri wordpress security plugin

Sucuri is a WordPress Security Plugin by a famous Security auditing company. The plugin acts as a Website firewall, and it audits the security of your site. It’s a monitoring tool that shows you the harmful changes on your site. But understanding it requires a good effort, and you should be familiar with coding, so this is not a plugin for normal WordPress users. Developers are the best utilizers of this WordPress plugin.

It protects your site from DOS Attack, Bruteforce attack and all other hacking attempts. There are Free and Premium versions of Sucuri. If you are running a big site or a website or if you can pay for it, you can buy Sucuri Premium version for your WordPress site.


iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

ithemes wordpress security plugin


iThemes Security formerly Better WP Security is one of the best WordPress Security Plugin which protects your site from automated attacks. The one click installation makes it user-friendly. The company claims that there are 30+ methods to protect your WordPress site.


BulletProof Security

bulletproof wordpress security plugin


The BulletProof Security is a popular WordPress Security plugin that protects your site from various vulnerabilities. It adds a firewall, database and login security. It protects the site from invalid login attempts and prevents fake bot traffic to your site.

BulletProof Security is a free WordPress plugin. But if you need more features, you can buy the Pro version of the BulletProof WordPress Security Plugin.


You can use any of these plugins to protect your WordPress site from attacks. No plugin can’t protect a site completely. Try to avoid nulled themes and plugins. Also, don’t break any theme or plugin. A single vulnerability can create loopholes for attacks.

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