Top Blogging Ideas To Make You Popular

Are you struggling to find new Blogging Ideas?

Why do you need Different Blogging Ideas and how it can help you succeed?

You know what, Everyone-The People and The Search Engine likes the new Things, not the old things that are written in each and every blog. So, I would like to share some exciting Blogging Ideas that can help you succeed. Moreover, read each and everything and leave a comment here J

So, let’s start with what I said now,


  1. Comment :

blogging ideas

Yes, I mean it. Comment on other blogs too. If you expect comments on your blog, comment on other blogs too.

However, please don’t, if you are commenting,

            Owe, So Nice article, Thank you for sharing.

            Wow, Good read buddy.

            I was looking exactly for this the whole day; you made my day. Thank you.


Do these comments look nice for you?

I think these are the comments made for a Backlink. Yes, you can create comment links, No offence. However, make sure, you do it well.


Write meaningful comments, make it more than one sentence long. And you are a champ buddy. That is the first of our Blogging ideas.


  1. Share you Income Report and Traffic Report:

Trust me; this is true. If you publish your transparency report, you are going to get lots of Subscribers and Comments, and I do not know what all things you will get. It will even double your traffic or give you lots of new projects. Because that are like magnets. It can attract more and more subscribers and shares.

Also, you know most of you have subscribed to many big blogs, and you are following them. And the big reason or the hidden reason behind you subscribing for their updates was, “You wanna make money like them, and you wanna build your blog like them”.

So, if you are making small or large amount, show it to your visitors. They love it. Yes, show off is the best practice to win this game. Do you agree with me? Do comment here.


  1. Share about the things Bloggers are looking for:

This works. Do you know that most of the bloggers struggle to find time for everything? We do not have fixed working hours, and that is the reason why we need to follow some lifehacks. So if you can share good time management ideas, then you are going to get more traffic and shares for sure.

See the Image; many popular blogs have already written about this.

Let’s see how popular it is,

I am opening the first article. You can also read that article here.

Wow, 3k+ Pinterest shares and 155 Facebook shares. Isn’t that awesome? 3k+ Pinterest shares mean, anyhow the post might have got more than 6k+ traffic.

So, start writing about the topics what people are looking for in your niche.


  1. Share your Success Tips with your Readers:

Everyone wanted to be successful, and that is the reason why people subscribe to successful blogs. So, share your tips with the readers. Also, before publishing the post, you can conduct a live session on Facebook or Twitter to get more readers know about this.

You can also send people a newsletter regarding this. Send one before and after writing the post. So, people will wait for your post, and the person who did not subscribe will subscribe. Also, if your post is too good, then it can help your blog get more social signals and traffic.


  1. Go Live on Social Media:

You can go live on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter to conduct a chat session. So, people can ask you questions, and you can answer them, and you will get more blogging ideas there, you can write answers to their questions.

Also, going live on Social media increases the engagement, and it can help your next post to reach more audience without spending your hard earned money on ads.


  1. Write about your experiences about last meet or tour:

People love to read experiences. If you attend an event or if you went for a visit somewhere, share your experience in your post. Also, share some images of that event or the places you visited in your post to attract more readers.


  1. Show Off:

Yes, you should do this. You can show them your personal properties that you bought with the money from blogging. Yes, it is motivation for many. Some will say, it is a show-off, but it is motivation for many. Moreover, this is followed by many bloggers and their readers like this.


  1. Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is not only the way to increase quality links; it can also get you some good contacts in your niche. And you know, a share from a celebrity from your niche can boost your blog traffic 3x for sure.

Consider reciprocal guest blogging also. Getting a guest posting opportunity is not easy and utilise it whenever you get it.


  1. Write about influencers in your niche:

You can write about influencers in your niche or conduct an interview with the influencers. Also, the roundup posts work well for this.

You can collect different ideas from your influencers using a roundup post. Moreover, you can build a good network with it. Networking is important in Blogging.

You can connect with me also,

Follow @adarshm07

  1. Post infographics:

Infographics are now popular, and it can help you get more links to your site if your infographics are useful and contain information.

Infographics help you to visualize the complex information to make it understand better. You can create infographics yourselves or can hire someone to build infographics for you.

  1. Review Products in your Niche:

Review some products in your niche and share the review with the other or the company who made the product. If it is a large company or author with a huge follower base, you will get a good number of readers. Also, getting a share from an influencer is a great thing. Also, it can boost the growth of your site.

Try to find and review the products in your niche and write a useful review.


  1. Sending Newsletter:

If you have a list of subscribers, send them updates, but don’t spam. They subscribed to get updates. So, when you spam, they may unsubscribe. So, try to send mail only when you have any updates on your site.

You can also send them special offers when available.


  1. Publish Q&A post:

You can answer the reader’s questions in a single post. Sometimes, there will be many questions related to a single post or sometimes; it may be in different posts. If you are writing Q&A post regularly, you can write answers to all questions in a single post every week or month. And it works great and helps your readers; It also encourages your visitors to visit your blog even after the first visit.

You can build a good relation with your readers by doing this.


  1. Predict the Future of your niche:

Yes, it works. Have you seen some influencers predicting the future of Blogging, the Internet, etc.

People are interested to read predictions. You can do that too!

Neil Patel predicted that Facebook ads are going to be costly in the future.

Yes, it is expensive now. We ran ads for $0.0001, but now it will not work. At least you should pay $0.001 for the ads to reach some users.

$0.0001= 0.01 Indian Rupees. We are paying in INR. So, don’t get confused.


  1. Giveaway something for Free:

Conduct a giveaway to get more traffic and social signals for your site. And I have learned something from this.

If you are giving away something, make sure it’s useful for everyone. And you should contact some influencers to share about your giveaway to get participants.


  1. Write about Top 10, Best 100, 101 Tips:

You can use these words to start your headline. People like to read a list of things.

Write about,

Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Redesign Your Blog

Best 100 Bloggers In My Niche

101 Tips To Create A Blog Post That Gets 10K Shares.

So, apply those words in your headlines to increase the visitors.


  1. Add CommentLuv on your Blog:

It can help you to increase the comments on your blog posts. If you give them a do follow link, then you will get more comments on your blog post. Because people do comment for links.


  1. Write Comprehensive guides:

You can write guides to do particular tasks. And if your guide is useful and includes everything the visitor is looking for, then you can expect a share, and soon it will get more recognition.


  1. Add jokes and GIFs between posts:

Not always, but you can.


  1. Create Online Courses:

Online courses are getting high popularity now. You can see the sites like Udemy are getting very popular, and you can also create useful online courses for free or paid. And it depends on you. Also, you can create ebooks. You can give it for free or sell it.


So, here are the Blogging ideas you can use to increase your popularity and the blog traffic. You can give your suggestions in comments and we love your feedback. You can also tell us more ideas so we can include it in the post. Please share and comment.

About the Author: Adarsh M

Hi, I'm Adarsh.M, a blogger and web designer. I think blogging is the best medium to share the knowledge we have with everyone. I write about blogging, make money online, seo, and tech related topics. Share the knowledge.

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    1. Hi,

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  2. Thanks for the post-Adarsh!

    I like the way you have represented these important topics. It’s great to read your posts and grabbing knowledge from it. #1 and #8 are effective ideas for me.

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