What You Need to Know Before Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur

The Internet has become absolutely indispensable not just for our everyday leisure activities, but also for purposes of our business as well. It’s hard to imagine getting anything done just without the ability to send e-mails, and the Internet is admittedly a whole lot more than that. Nowadays, you can do a lot of different things online for your business, and much more efficiently than you could before.

However, what if I told you that you can do more than that? What if I told you that you can center your entire business around the Internet and have it flourish without almost ever having to leave your house? If it sounds unbelievable, just look at the sheer number of people these days doing just that, for example, Josh Abramson (owner of CollegeHumor), Tom Anderson (former owner of MySpace) and Jeff Arnold (from WebMD). So, it’s definitely possible if you have the right skills and know how.

Granted, it’s definitely a challenge to start up and maintain a successful Internet business, and a lot of people don’t make it; but we firmly believe that if you get the right guidance, are careful and persistent, you can achieve a great deal of success in the realm of Internet entrepreneurship. In this article we’ll be focusing on a few things that you should definitely know before venturing into your first Internet business, so without further ado, here they are:

Your Website

The single most important factor in getting customers and keeping them when running an Internet business is how your website looks and functions. Your website is the equivalent of your store or office, and it is the first thing that clients will notice about your business. If the website is cluttered, hard to use and sluggish, most likely your potential client will give up on your offer entirely and decide to go somewhere else. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it might be time to learn some web development as well as hire some experienced web developers to build up a good website for you.

Also, you’re going to need to think about web hosting, as a poor host will deliver subpar speeds and make your website feel sluggish and unresponsive. Unfortunately, a free host isn’t going to cut it in this circumstance, as they’re usually pretty slow and riddled with ads, so you’ll have to spend some money on good hosting. Trust us, it will pay off in the long run.

Internet Security

Despite the countless advantages that you’re going to be indulging in because you chose to run a business entirely online, there is a single huge setback that has cost many people tremendous amounts of money and grief: cyber crime. It’s very easy to obtain information online, and hackers are becoming more and more proficient at it, so if you don’t protect your connection in some way your website is likely to be targeted by a nasty cyber attack and potentially lose some very valuable information, putting both you and your customers at risk.

If your website uses WordPress, be sure to set it up with a good security plugin such as WordFence. Additionally, a really smart move would be subscribing to a good VPN provider  and always browsing through a VPN, as that will significantly increase your online security. By connecting to a VPN server, your connection gets encrypted by a secure tunneling protocol and is given a new IP address, which drastically reduces the chances that your online traffic can be intercepted by a third party.

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

The Internet is packed full of scams, and as an Internet entrepreneur it’s important that you know how to detect and avoid them. There’s no quick formula for a successful Internet business, and anyone who tells you otherwise online is a scammer – end of story.

There have been numerous cases of people putting all of their trust, and more importantly, all of their investments, in some notorious scam – when all they wanted to do is start up their business properly and become successful, just like you. These scams are sometimes pretty subtle, but most of the time they can be noticed rather easily. Most of the time it’s a video of some person holding a presentation that you can’t skip or pause, only to inform you at the end that you have to purchase something in order to get the “real deal”.

Almost always, the scammer is supported by fake quotes or comments on his website that are there to try and assure you of their legitimacy, but always keep in mind that this is all fake. If it’s too good to be true – it probably isn’t.

Advertise With Care

Using the Internet, you can let people know about your product or service with significantly less effort than before. With the help of social media and e-mail, you basically never have to print and hand out pamphlets ever again, which saves you tons of valuable time and money. However, because there are basically no limits to how much you can advertise, you need to be careful about whether you’re overdoing it.

An e-mail or two a week are okay, but no one likes to be annoyed by reading the same message about the same product every day, nor having the same sponsored post show up on Facebook every two hours. There’s a thing known as “Internet marketing etiquette” and basically, it means that you shouldn’t overdo it with the ads. Instead, make quality advertisements that people will want to click on, and refrain from posting them every day. You’ll get much better results this way, and you’ll avoid getting flagged for spam on social media, which is always good for your business and reputation.

About the Author: Adam Ferraresi

Adam Ferraresi started his career as a web developer and he loves his job from the day one. With time, as he progressed with his skill, he found his passion for writing about many different topics concerning web development. From that time, he has expanded his views and is now writing on all sorts of different subjects. Adam is also a trusted writer of wefollowtech.com. He’s stationed in Dallas, where he spends his free time playing guitar and cooking for his friends.

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