Why We Love Jio 1GB Extended Plan And Why You Should Love It

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According to the TRAI guidelines, Jio shouldn’t offer the Welcome Offer for more than 90 days to a customer. And it was a hit to all the Jio customers. But Reliance tried to give them the best offers by introducing Welcome offer after the Preview offer. And now, the Welcome offer is in the completion stage but Jio is up with a Happy New Year Offer, in which all customers will get free 1GB of 4G everyday till March 31st of 2017 with changes in the plan.

The daily data usage is limited to 1GB, but you are going to love this Change in the extended plan.

Have you face the low-speed issues of Jio? Yes, most of the customers have faced the speed issues after the first few weeks. And we have already explained the reasons for the Jio speed issues in our posts. It was due to the congestion in the network that led to the low internet speed. I have already told you about the daily data usage of

I have already told you about the daily data usage of Jio, it was more than the world’s largest network, China Mobiles. And this 1GB extended plan is introduced to help you get the best internet experience from Reliance Jio.


Why is the 1GB extended Plan Good?

According to the data collected by Jio, only 20 percent of the users are using more than 1GB per day and the 80% is using less than 1GB. Still, due to the over usage of data by the 20 percent of users, Jio faced congestion in their towers and it slowed the network. So, limiting the data to 1GB per day can help the 80 percent of the users to get the best speed and all the speed related issues will be solved. And you can still use the unlimited calls. There won’t be any changes in it.

Even though the FUP has decreased to 1GB per day, you can see that Jio still offers 30GB per month. You can see that other networks like Airtel charges double of this for lesser data. Jio provides 30GB for Rs.1500/month, whereas Airtel charges more than Rs.4000 for 29GB of data, which is more than the double price and fewer data. Vodafone charges more than Rs.2000 for 30GB of data.

Also, when other operators ask you to pay before use, Jio offers the free data and charges a reasonable price if they need more data. And most of the user’s needs are satisfied with the free data.

As I already said, since the data is limited to 1GB per day, you will get the 4G with the best speed.

What should I do after 1GB?

If you need more data, you can recharge and you will get additional data. You can recharge for Rs.51, 1GB per day or can recharge for Rs.301, 6GB for 28 days. I think, it’s a reasonable price for 4GB data. And if the user doesn’t want to avail the offer, there is 128kbps, in which user can use WhatsApp or Facebook without any issues.

And you can expect more offers from Jio in the coming days. As you can see the plans are still good and reasonable. Also, after this, network speed will increase and every user will get equal benefit from Jio. And remember, you don’t need to buy new Jio sim to get this offer, all users who bought the sim before March 31st will get the New year offer on their sim.

Welcome, New Year Offer.

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