Best Snapchat Marketing Hacks 2017

Snapchat is one of those messaging apps that has been ruling the world as of now with around 150 million active users who upload something or the other, every day. In other words, it has gained the reputation and as well as the potential for the renovation and the growth. Despite the success, it might not be the friendliest app that you will witness, but it sure has the potential to promote your brand or business because of the involvement. Recently this year, the Snapchat is being updated with brand new features and many features are reshaped entirely changing the way people use this app and the purpose they hold. For example, people even started making the live video calls and voice calls using the Snapchat.


Yes! There are a ton of other things that you can do with Snapchat especially when it comes to marketing that you might not have heard before. Yes, if you’ve website for your fish keeping, you can market your best fish for 55 gallon fish tank over snapchat with effective marketing strategies. Before jumping to them, make sure that you know the basics of Snapchat.

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Here are the 8 unknown and best Snapchat Marketing Hacks 2017 that you might want to know to get benefited from:


1. Filters: The Snapchat filters have been easy to work with for a while now. All you have to do is take a picture, apply the filter and you’re done. But, what if you want to use two filters at the same time to enhance the picture? Take the picture; swipe left after choosing the filter and then choose the second one while keeping in a hold. Use the other finger to swipe while doing it and bam! You can have two filters added on your product pictures.


2. Limitless texting: Do you find it hard to describe your product in 31 characters? Well, there’s a hack that you can use to bypass the text limit. Open “Notes” in your phone and keep pressing the enter button to add the new line and then long press the space to select everything. Copy this empty space and enter it in the text field of the Snapchat. Enter space and voila. You can add all the text you want in this space.


3. Geo-filtering: Location plays an important role in Snapchat. You could use a custom GPS filtering to promote an event and target people in order to share the snaps that can promote your product. This marketing hack is useful when you have specific target area audience but however this option is not available for all the locations.


4. Own filters: If you want to add a specific color layer on the product image, you can do it by placing the emoji of the same color and by enlarging it. Once you made it bigger, you can zoom till it becomes transparent as if it appears as a layer on the image.


5. Partnership: If you are into marketing, the partnership is one of the very important things that you have to consider. You should try building a platform by collaborating with other companies by posting their products on your account and vice versa. This way, both of the brands that collaborate will get benefited through building the new audience just the way famous YouTubers does.


6. Video Chat: This is one of very crucial feature to be used to achieve customer support. Using this feature, you can make videos that are personal for your customers and treat them as friends which will give them an assurance that you are more than just customers. Through this, the user does not have to actually visit your website, make a login and access the customer support but instead can complain through SnapChat in real time through which you can also provide solutions in real time. By conducting chats with customer support executives, you can enhance the service to other level.


7. Multi Colors and Axes: If you want to bring attention to a particular text used in the picture you can make it bright by selecting the word and using it in the different color. You can pick the color from the color picker for a particular word and show some color variation accordingly. Also, it has been taught that while taking a picture or shooting a scene, the landscape is better than the portrait mode as i is wider and better. But for Snapchat, it is the exact opposite. Take pictures in portrait mode.


8. Experimentation: Anything you post on the internet acts as a reminder unless until you have deleted it. Even if you have, it might have been already saved as a screenshot somewhere on someone else’s computer. But for Snapchat, it is not that way and thanks to the limited time. The two advantages of the feature is that you don’t have to invest so much time for the content and even the worst of the content only lasts for few minutes which is why you can you use it for experimentation as a marketer.


These are the effective and best Snapchat marketing hacks for 2017. I hope you will find it useful for your Snapchat marketing campaigns.

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