Top 5 Places to Go Paragliding in India

Paragliding, as a sport can give you an immense adrenaline rush and set your spirits on fire. How awesome it must be to sail through the skies and watch the landscapes glide past beneath. It is a sport that is doable and moreover it is affordable too. India has many locations that are enchanting and provide you with the best paragliding experience. Let us go through the 5 top destinations for paragliding in India.

  1. Manali, Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh


Solang Valley, Photo by Raman Virdi, CC-BY 2.0


We choose Manali as the first destination for paragliding in India. The place is called Solang valley nestled amongst the hills of Manali. The view while paragliding in this place is beautiful. Apart from paragliding, skiing and zorbing are the other activities here.


Bir-Billing also offers a lot of thrill in its paragliding sessions. It starts near to the Dhauladhar ranges and there is a chance of experiencing the Himalayan Scenery as you paraglide through the ranges. From Bir Billing a flight to Dharamshala and back is of 100 km. The best timing for paragliding in this region is from December to May.


  1. Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu


Photo by McKay Savage, CC BY 2.0

This popular sports activity at Yelagiri is of international standards. That’s because of the picturesque countryside on which people paraglide. This popular hill station is dotted with rose gardens, fruit orchards, meandering rivers, lakes, hillocks around. With a lovely breeze blowing and clouds forming the canopy overhead, the place has exquisite scenery. The price is affordable. It costs 1200 INR for a twenty-minute session. A paragliding festival of international standards is held every year in September.


  1. Kamshet and Panchgani in Maharashtra


Panchgani, Photo by Vikas Rana, CC-BY 2.0


The best part about this enthusiastic sport in Kamshet is that it offers great weather conditions. October to June is perfect for the activity in this region. Favourable weather, eight months of super weather suitable for flying, proximity to the cities and infrastructure make Kamshet a perfect place for this great sport. People from India as well as from abroad go to Kamshet for regular sessions at this sport. Here there are schools too for proper training and guidance. In Kamshet, they teach people the landings and the take offs and how to gain height. They also train amateurs on how to fly for long hours.


Panchgani also has world class infrastructure and conditions for flying. This place has mountains, flat lands and plateaus over which paragliding sessions take place. There is Dhom Dam Lake that they have to cross. People come here in the month of December and continue to come till March for participating in distance flying.


  1. Goa


Zuari River, Photo by Abhisek Sarda, CC-BY 2.0


Goa is a paradise of beaches for people from all over the world and the beaches called Keri, Anjuna and Arambol are the best for the paragliding exercises. This usually takes place in December and January where paragliders fly for hours at a stretch. Beach flying is a wonderful experience for all. It is easy to fly high and then again land at the beach. People with experience of aerobatics can do that very well. Pilots also practice aerobatics in Goa.


  1. Nandi Hills, Bangalore


Photo by Koshy Koshy, CC-BY 2.0


The Nandi Hills is a prime area for Paragliding. This spot is some 68 kms away from Bangalore and there are numerous other sports apart from paragliding that people can avail of on the hill slopes of Nandi. Similar to all other spots here too the scenery is picturesque. The Hebbal Lake in Bangalore looks like a dazzling runway from the top while flying is on.


Thus, it is necessary to know how to fly the glider. You must learn the basics of the sport first from professionals. The basic techniques generally include landing, turning and launching. It is necessary to be physically fit and not take part in stunts at all. Paragliding, the enterprising game is thus becoming a very normal sport in India.

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