5 Tips to Buy a Shared Hosting Plan to Start a Self-hosted Blog

start a blog

start a blog

Planning to start a blog for making money online? Blogging is not at all a hobby anymore as many people realised the potential of blogging. These days generating a passive income source through blogging is not that difficult if you wish to do so.

When you are planning to start a blog for making money, then there is no point to go with the free blogging sites or using the free web hosting providers. It is always good to start with a self-hosted WordPress blog.

But which hosting is best to start?

There are so many shared hosting services available in the market that sometimes it is very confusing to choose the best hosting provider. Though the price is a concern for many beginners, compromising quality is also not advised.

So, in this article, I am going to share some tips to remember while choosing a shared hosting plan to get the best as per your need.

What is a shared hosting plan?

The term itself is self-explanatory. Means, a web hosting space which will be shared by a number of people or website in this case. That means in a common place your website is going to share the space with many other websites.

These kind of plans are good for beginners as there will not be high traffic for a website. And it takes some time to build a quality website with high traffic. In another case, as things are shared, the pricing of shared hosting plans are also very cheap.

Things to consider while buying a shared hosting plan

Reputation of hosting provider

When you are choosing a shared hosting plan, it is better to go with any of the best-shared hosting providers with affordable price value. Few of them are like Hostgator, Bluehost etc. You might have found that almost every blogger is recommending them for beginners.

Go for Multiple Domain Plans

You might have noticed that every web hosting provider has 3 – 4 types of plans where they offer various resources with some limitations. Although the basic plan may be very cheap, but check out whether you are getting the option of hosting multiple domain names or not.

It is always advisable to go with multiple domains shared hosting plan only. This is good for bloggers who have planned to experiment with multiple websites at the same time.

After Sales Support

Support is one of the key factors to decide whether your web hosting company is worth trying or not. After buying a hosting plan, you might find various issues during your blogging journey and if your hosting provider doesn’t support you at those times, you will be in big trouble.

It is very important to know if the hosting company is providing 24X7 live chat and phone support. So, first read various hosting reviews and find out who provides the best support.

Renewal Pricing Plans

Almost every web hosting provider is trying to attract the customers by offering some great deals like $1 hosting, free domain name etc. But check carefully how much is the renewal cost and is there any discount on that. In many cases, the renewal cost of hosting plans forced people to switch the hosting provider.

Upgrade Option & Other Services

As a beginner, it may be good to start with a shared hosting plan with limited resources & professional tools/ services. But what if your website grows in the course of time?

Does your hosting provider have the flexibility to upgrade of hosting plans without disturbing your website traffic? Can they provide all other add-on services like site backup, privacy protect, SEO benefits, environmental friendliness, etc.? Just check everything.

So, did you find the most affordable and quality hosting provider who can serve all your hosting needs? Please write a simple comment below to share your experience with the first shared hosting plan you have purchased.

About the Author: Santanu Debnath

Santanu is a passionate blogger, who shares Passive Income Ways, Affiliate Marketing Tips & Web Hosting Deals through his blog MyPassiveIncomeTips.com.

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