Tips To Know Before Going For The Trek


Trekking – I would like to know how do you define Trekking in the comments. For me, Trekking is a long on foot journey in which you can enjoy the sight and time.

Without any preparation, trekking is a bit hard. There are agencies which can help you in Trekking. But there are few other things you should know before going for your first trek.


Start with Long Morning Walks

Trekking is all about climbing hills, walking a long distance, adventures. So, you should have enough stamina to overcome those challenges. So, let’s start with walking. Increase the distance by a few meters every day. You should be fit enough to walk 4-5 hours comfortably before you go for trekking. Also, make sure you take enough rest in the first few days of walking if you find yourselves getting tired. Also, walking can help your leg muscles prepare for the trek.

Also, try to climb on small hills and get experience. It can help you in maintaining your stamina while climbing hills.


Do a body check up

You are going for a long journey, you need to walk a lot and it’s full of challenges. So, your body should be prepared for the journey. So, doing a body check up can make sure you are ready for Trekking. If found any issues, take care of your body and take some more time and prepare for the Trek.


Choose an Easy one, if it’s your first Trek

As a beginner in trekking, it’s a good idea to choose an easy trek so that you can enjoy the thrill of trekking from the beginning. It can give you experience as well as enjoyment. A challenging trek in the beginning, will be hazardous if you are a beginner. Start with an easy trek and enjoy the challenging one next time.


Proper Research About the Location

Do proper research about the place you are going for the trek. Understand the climate and everything related to it. And start your preparation considering those things. It can help you in proper planning of trek.


Budget – Most Important

After the research, you will have some idea about the expenses for the trek. Travel expenses, accommodation, food and all other necessary things should be included while planning your budget. Also, take a little more than what has been estimated.


Food and Water

You should consider taking chocolates, and whatever which can provide protein sources can be useful to fuel you easily and it can help you in the trek. And, take some water to drink.


Essential Things

  • Running Shoes and Boots
  • Duffel Bags (Waterproof)
  • Toilet Kit
  • Shirts and Trouser
  • Socks (Woolen)
  • Jacket, Sweater (Depends on the climate)
  • Underwear
  • Sun Glasses
  • Water bottle
  • Torch
  • Personal AID Kit
  • Woolen Gloves

Also, take other necessary things you need while the journey.



You can shoot your journey if it’s for personal use. But if you are shooting for a film, you should seek permission from the authority. And take charged batteries with the camera.

For the ultimate challenging trek, you can go to Everest. It will be the best experience that you can get from the trek.

So, where are you planning for the Trek?

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