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Calls are not getting connected every time I tried to call. Why?

It’s because of POI (Point Of Interconnect). To get your call connected when you call numbers of other operators there should be enough POI, but Reliance Jio didn’t get more POIs. Yes, they have given it, but that’s not enough for Jio to continue uninterrupted service. Reliance is trying to solve this issue. But other operators like Airtel, Vodafone, etc. are not ready to allow more POI to Jio.

And this is not an issue that occurs every time you call someone. But it occurs sometimes when the network is busy with many calls and when they exceed the current limit.

I think you have already read about per day data usage by Reliance Jio users is more than the total data usage per day by the World’s largest mobile operator China Mobiles.

And this issues will be solved soon as discussions are going on with other operators to get more POI.

Can I use Free Services on Black Out Days on Jio?

There’s nothing like that for Jio. Yes, every day is same for Jio. You don’t need to pay extra on festive days or other blackout days if you have the offer enabled on your Jio number. So, Send Unlimited Free messages and Call your friends and relatives without limit on any day.

And what else you need? No other operators allow you to use your offer on Blackout days. Can you tell me one operator that gives you offer on Blackout days?

Jio is providing the offers no other providers can give. So, they are trying to prevent Jio from providing more services for free. Why do they do that? Because they can’t provide these services for free and they don’t want others to do that. And this is why your calls are not getting connected every time you try to call someone. They are not accepting calls from Jio. Also, they are not providing more POI to Jio.

And they are also trying to limit Jio promotional offers to a limited number of days in order to control Jio. And as you have already seen many of them tried to offer some discounts. So, they can provide service at a better price but they are not ready to do it and when someone tries to do that, they are working against it.

Since they can’t provide anything for free and you know the charges for every plan they offer. Recharging 1 GB 3G for 250 Rupees every day isn’t possible and do you think it costs them 200 rupees to provide this service?

And this is the time they got an opponent. And let’s see who wins. Watch the Jio Happy New Year Offer here

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