Reason For Jio Being Slow Is Out 


Well, in the last few days, I came across many Facebook status’ and many articles with a title “Jio the Slowest 4G Network in India.”

And here, I’m going to reveal the Reasons behind this issue. :p

In a recent survey for finding the World’s largest data service provider by analysts at Credit Suisse in which they calculated the data used by a single customer every day. Reliance enrolled 16 million customers from September 5 to September 30. And the exciting thing is, in that by an average a single customer use 1 GB of data every day. Yes, in total 16,000 TB per day.

And there’s another interesting thing. This is only the number of customers enrolled between September 5th and September 30th. There are almost 25-30 million customers for Reliance now.

25,000 TB per day 🙂

  • World’s largest Mobile Network Provider China Mobile carries around 12,600 TB only, per day.
  • Vodafone Global carries 6000 TB per day.

And I think, it’s clear that Reliance Jio is the largest data provider of the World. Remember, Jio is only providing data service in India and we compared other’s Global usage per day.

This usage is more than the total data carried by Idea, Bharati and Vodafone. Of course, Reliance is under Stress test now. They are still in Beta and World’s top position in total data usage.

Analysts considered the raising issues about Less Internet Speed of Jio.

And this is the first reason for Slow network issue.

And I have seen some screen shots of Jio Speed Tests and just wanted to let you know the reason behind that also
According to the Jio Welcome Offer, after 4 GB/day speed slow down. And testing the speed after using 4 GB of data is what many of you have seen. And as mentioned in their Promotional offer, the speed will decrease. So, kindly check your Internet speed before 4 GB of data finishes.

As I already mentioned the per day usage of data by Reliance users is very high. And the stress that comes with that usage is what you can imagine, Jio is still in development. So, there’re chances for decrease in speed but it’s not as slow as you seen before in other posts.

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    1. Hi Riya,

      The large data usage is the reason for this. It will be solved within few weeks. And they are still in developing state, so Kindly wait for few days. Thank you.

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