Google Penguin 4.0 – The Real Time Algorithm


Google has announced their New Real Time Update – Penguin 4.0 which is the part of Google’s Core Algorithm.

Your site can be penalised or can be recovered from penalty quicker than before.

Google introduced Penguin in 2012 and since then, it’s doing its job well. But it wasn’t real time as of now.

Google Penguin affect

Google Penguin 4.0 crawls all the web pages and quickly identify which of them are having unnatural links and it will penalise those sites. Also, if your site was penalised earlier and if you disavow or removed the bad backlinks, then your site will recover from the penalty faster.

So, this is a great chance for those who got penalised due to bad backlinks and want to recover from the effect of penalisation.

You know how penalisation will affect the whole site. Traffic, Earning and everything is interlinked.

Also, Google Penguin will make sure, only high-quality contents or sites are ranked first in the page.


What we can understand from this,

  • Content is the King and always will be.
  • One High-Quality backlink is better than 100 low-quality backlinks. (So, do you want high-quality links? See our Services Page).
  • You can get rank or lose rank faster than before, incredibly faster than before.

A Perfect Link Building Technique can help your site to rank and to stay safe from Penalty.


How can I build Links Without Getting Penalised?

We have already discussed Link building Technique in another post. So, here we can discuss, how can we prevent the penalty from Penguin 4.0.

  • Create backlinks Only from Quality sites and remove bad backlinks.

Create one or two backlinks every day. There are several methods to create backlinks. In that, we recommend Guest Posting and Commenting. Guest post is the best method to get high-quality contextual links. And it will be great if it’s a do-follow link. And we recommend commenting on CommentLuv enabled sites. You can also participate in forum discussion and you can also add your link to your site on your profile which will be beneficial sometimes.


  • Don’t over optimise your site for SEO.

Optimise your site for SEO. Both On Page and Off Page SEO is necessary but don’t overdo it. Make it look natural and you can see the site ranking on the first page.


  • Use different anchor text for link building.

You can use same keywords which drive more traffic but it’s recommended to use different keywords to make it look natural and to get traffic from more keywords.


It’s better to write a single guest post in a High-Quality site than guest posting on 100 low-quality sites to get backlink.

So, I think you are now aware of Google Penguin and its effects. You don’t need to bother if you are following White Hat methods and if you have quality contents.

About the Author: Adarsh M

Hi, I'm Adarsh.M, a blogger and web designer. I think blogging is the best medium to share the knowledge we have with everyone. I write about blogging, make money online, seo, and tech related topics. Share the knowledge.

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  1. the point of this post :
    * Content is King, than can you share how to make a good content ?
    * How to make anchor ? in here i dont know what is anchor texst, please help and repply on my mail..

    thanks and success for you

    1. Hey,

      I have sent you an email including all details. And we will publish a post about making the best content.
      Also, the anchor text is the text used when you give some link. Here, in commenting, your name act as the anchor text.

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