Free SMS and Calls On Diwali – No Black Out Days

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Do you know what, there was a time when people used to call a day before Diwali to avoid extra charges?

This continued for a long time. During these days telecom operators used to charge more or they didn’t allow any offers on those days. Even if you have offers activated on your number, you can’t use it on those days.

So, I think, many of us paid a lot of money to send messages and call on blackout days. And sometimes we did that a day before the festival.

And later, WhatsApp came into power. So, people started to message via WhatsApp. Most of us are using WhatsApp and we are using it for daily communications also. But what will you do to wish someone who doesn’t use WhatsApp or to someone living in a place where there is no internet facility? You should call or message them. But you have to pay for SMS if you want to send an SMS or call someone on these days. And this is where you need Reliance Jio.

Everyone knows about Jio now. Most of you own a Jio SIM and everything is free on it now. And there’re no blackout days for Jio. Don’t you know that? If not, yes, there’s no blackout days for Jio and they don’t charge anything for it. Also, you know that Calls and SMS are free for lifetime to Jio customers.

No other operators are giving such offers. And no one gave free calls or SMS on blackout days. So, in this Diwali time, you should send SMS or call people you love. Because you don’t need to pay for doing that. And you are having free internet on Jio, using which you can send messages, images or videos on WhatsApp or through any other medium. You can enjoy this Diwali with Jio. Full-time Unlimited calls, SMS and the internet :p

Isn’t that awesome?

Enjoyed this Diwali Jio free of cost? Now enjoy the new year with Jio Happy New Year Offer!!!

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