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First of all – congratulations! Your special day has finally come. You’re probably done with all the preparations and now, like the cherry on top, wedding beauty. Like a true star of the evening you need to look your best, in person as well as in the photos, and we are here to help you with that.




A good view

Since the weddings are ceremonies which are happening during the day, you shouldn’t use that yellow indoor lighting while you’re applying makeup. It will be better if you put your application table by the window so you can use natural lighting. If it is cloudy, use a super bright lamp – halogen for example.



Don’t underestimate the power of the well-drawn eyebrows. You see, when you have a full-face-cakey make-up, if you don’t shade your brows it will seem like you don’t have them. Especially in pictures. Take a good eyebrow pencil or shadow that is not different from your hair, nor your eyebrow colour and shade them well. If your eyebrow and your hair colour are different, match it with your eyebrow colour then. Be careful, though, if you don’t know how to draw them properly, you might want to call someone who does. You don’t want to end up having a unibrow in the end, right?




Make those eyes poppin’

Next thing to do after the eyebrows is eye make-up. If you are wondering why we are going in this order, it is because eye makeup is powdery and a lot of it will fall on your cheeks while you are applying it. If you put your face makeup first, you will destroy it while removing all that eyeshadow from your cheeks. The first thing to do is to take some highlighter and put it right beneath your eyebrows and in the inner corners of your eyes. That will automatically give you that movie star glow. After that, depending on your eye shape, contour your eyes, but be careful while choosing the colour – make-up is there to point out good things on your face, so when people see you say: „She is so pretty “, and not: “Her makeup is done so well “.

maxresdefault (1)

We also recommend putting some glitter on your lids as well, because, you know, it is your wedding and you have to shine. After the eyeshadows, put on some eyeliner in the charcoal, navy or mahogany shade since the black one may look too intense. The last thing to cover would be eyelashes. Make sure your fake lashes are made from real hair, because if they are plastic, you will look like a doll. After putting them on, put on some waterproof mascara (since there will be some tears probably) and your eyes are now finished.




Face makeup

Probably the trickiest part of all. It is a total myth that your makeup has to be plastered on for the photographs. You see, experts in wedding videography from Sydney say that lots of wedding photo shoots are done in natural light, and if you choose a heavy make-up, it will be obvious in the photos. The only thing you should matter is your T-zone, and you can do it with fine translucent powder, not with layers of make-up. The steps here are simple and easy; you just have to be really precise.

make up

Step 1: Base

The first thing you put on is your liquid powder that matches your skin tone 100%. Use a powder brush or a sponge to spread it evenly on your face. After that, use a concealer to cover zits or any other blemish.


Step 2: Contour

Next thing you should do is contouring. Use a dark stick foundation and „map your face “. If you have a larger forehead minimise it by carrying it straight into the hairline. Draw a line underneath your cheekbones that is about a finger long (you measure from your hairline towards your nose).  Draw another line on your jaw line that starts from the bottom of your ear and ends almost under your lip corner. If your nose is wide, draw two lines on the sides to make it seem more narrow. Blend it.


Step 3: Get lit

Take the lighter stick foundation and put it underneath your eyes and a little bit in the centre of your forehead and the bridge of your nose. Blend it with beauty blender


Step 4: Bake

Take a fluffy brush and dust your face with translucent powder, but don’t put too much though.


Step 5: Bronzer and highlighter

Put your bronzer on the places where you used dark stick foundation. After that, take a highlighter with golden undertones, dip your highlighter brush in it and run it down the centre of the nose and round it out at the tip. Next, stipple the highlighter on top of your cheekbones. Finally, put some on the centre of your chin, and after that add some colour to your cheeks by putting some cream blush on top of the highlighter.



The lips

Lips are like the sprinkles on donuts. When all the trouble with lining, powdering, highlighting etc. is done, the only thing left is to do 2 slow strokes and – voila. Recommended is to use a soft matte or glossy colour (depending on what you like) like nude pink. Try to avoid putting on pale nude or brown lip hues since you can look washed out in photos, especially if your wedding dress is white. Whatever you do, use a rose top coat and you’re good. And try to make your lips as lush as possible.



That darling would be all you need to know about wedding make-up. We hope that you will have the most amazing time, we know that you will be the prettiest lady in the world that day and we wish you a happy marriage and long life together.

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