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The Blogging Platforms

blogging platforms


Unlike publishing in a newspaper or a magazine, where it is just a one way communication,

publishing in a blog is a great way of connecting to the world as it invites interaction from others

having a shared interest. You may either want to simply express your travel experience, or have an

authoritative voice in the industry of your business, blogging offers the best way to express your

thoughts to others and also receive their opinions and feedback on them. Unlike social media,

blogging is much more than posting photos and adding captions. It is more of an information

sharing. Here are a few top free and premium platforms, which give an overview along with a few

pros and cons of them.




WordPress is the popular most blogging platform in the world, which come in two different flavours.

Let us look at the difference between and

This is a free blogging platform, where you don’t have to shell down any money on hosting or

domain. You don’t pay for plugins as you are restricted from using them. You will not be editing the

back end of the site as it is restricted as well. Overall, this is a free solution, where you will be

enjoying every goodness of WordPress, without an option for customizing it. It can definitely be

good for someone who wish to show off about their publication, without the need for making

money out of their blog.



  •  It is free.
  •  Setting up is easier than self-hosted WordPress platform.
  • There is only a rare chance of your blogging site getting down due to traffic, as it will be there on hundreds of servers.
  •  Your posts are automatically backed up.
  • Everything will be taken care of including upgrades and security.
  • They provide hundreds of themes, which you can use for modifying the CSS.



  • The PHP code in the backend is restricted for customizations.
  • It also restricts the use of third party themes and templates.
  • You cannot download any plugin, which indeed becomes the greatest disadvantage.

With, you will get a free software, which offers a blogging platform that can be

installed on your system. Thus, the blog will be in your server. You can use plugins and also edit it

easily. You can control the theme look and feel and you can also use the advanced features through

a plugin.



  • Access to more plugin and options for customizations makes it better than for people, who are looking at monetizing their blog.
  • Access to themes, which gives complete control over the look and feel of the blog.
  • Access to plugins, which offers more functionality to the blog.
  • If you are a technical savvy, then, you can have complete control over the code as well.
  • You can decide what you want to have on your site.


  • Hosting your own website can become an expensive deal for you.
  • Requires technical knowledge to set up and run.
  • You will have to regularly update your site.
  • You should also see that your site is secure. is a free blogging platform by Google. It is very popular across the world, with millions

of blogs running on it. Setting up is pretty easy, and all you need is just a Google account, either

Gmail or YouTube. Once you have set up the account, you can start designing your blog, which takes

only a few hours of time. After this, your blog will be ready for your first publication.



  • Easy to set up.
  • Several free themes and templates.
  • No custom code and henceforth, no need for technical knowledge.



  • Not many eCommerce functionality in this platform.



Type pad

Type pad is one of the oldest blogging platform. It was on the market when the blogger, WordPress

and Tumblr were yet to come. Tumblr offers better security when compared to WordPress, as it is a

closed source solution. It also offers a very comprehensive built-in analytical tools. Users of this blog

can publish their content using desktop, mobile devices or tables through their dedicated apps.



  • Since it promotes blogs on its own network, your publication can fetch more readers.
  • You can customize and build your own themes.



  • With several free blogging platforms in the market, Type pad might seem expensive.
  • Lacks flexibility of WordPress.
  • Existing themes seem a bit out dated.

This is one platform which provides the easiest way of starting blogging. It is a combination of

Twitter and WordPress. The options are quite limited and thus, your first publication may not take

long. It is half blogging platform and half social media network, which makes it different from other

blogging platforms. It is a free platform and thus, the options are quite limited. You are free to blog

the way you want. You can either publish on liners or publish a whole dissertation itself. It also

provides options for posting photos on a particular theme.



  • You will have a custom domain for your blog.
  • You can blog from a mobile device, or a desktop PC or even through email.
  • Since it will be on a shared hosting, your blog will tend to get targeted from a huge set of audience.



  • Unlike WordPress and, Tumblr demands you to use their platform and servers to host your blog. Due to this, you will have less control over up-time and content upload to the blog.




Ghost is built on the cutting edge web technology of Node JS, which offers the platform to be fast

and responsive, even during heavy traffic load. It offers excellent UX/UI interface and Markdown for

formatting posts. It seems basic initially, but, the themes are customizable to a large extent. As of

now it doesn’t support any third party plugins, although the company building them is planning to

have this in near future. Same as WordPress, Ghost also has two versions, one which provides

download for self-hosting and the other which is hosted on Ghost Pro, which is available for a

monthly subscription.



  • Fast and easy set up and easy to use.



  • It is slow in adding new features.
  • Their self-host version is a bit complex when compared to WordPress.




Drupal is the best option for businesses as they are not just a blogging platform, but an entire

Content Management System. Along with a blog, the users can have web pages as well, in a

structured and an organized manner in their website. Drupal does not offer hosting for its users.

Henceforth, business owners using Drupal should have their own host.



  • For Tech Savvy, Drupal seems to be more advantageous than WordPress as it offers brilliant features, if known to use them very well.



  • Drupal is not a friendly platform for beginners. Thus, it can be more proven for people who are looking at upgrading their free blogging platform rather than for dummies in blogging.




For business owners who are looking a complete content management system, Joomla is another

option. Joomla is easier to use than Drupal. Offering a wide range of content related features to the

users, Joomla is more popular among business owners when compared to Drupal.



  • Easy to use than Drupal and a good blogging platform even for beginners.



  • Only the first month is free and from subsequent month it costs somewhere from $20 to $100 per month depending on the features you are using and upgrades you make.



Conclusion: When you look at choosing the best blogging platforms for yourself, you will

need to check its ease of use, the customizations tools provided, and the look and feel it provides to

your audience, who interact on your blog. At the same time, you should also look at how much it

costs and how can it best work for you. Comparing the setting up process, customizations,

functionality, and the advantages and disadvantages of each of the aforesaid blogging platforms, can

certainly help you in choosing the best one for yourself.


Author : Smitha Adarsh
The author has over 4 years of experience in blogging and specializes in writing for various niches in IT and Software Industry.

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