Interview with the First Indian SEO Book writer Upendra Rana

1. You are quite famous among millions of people and as a first Indian writer who wrote about SEO and SMO. So, how do you feel now, being in this position?


I feel blessed to be in this position, as a common middle-class guy, have some dreams when they are coming true. I am happy to select this path and to give direction to the youth also. My books are selling on 14 websites in worldwide people know me from different sector and corner. I want to earn fame, which I am getting now gradually. Thanks for getting tag as “First Indian SEO Book writer”.


2. I and everyone would like to know about your initial days of life.


I am the son of a middle-class family, and I did my schooling from Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh. I came to Sahibabad Ghaziabad for further studies. At the college level, I was thinking that I will get a good job in a very reputed organisation. But the scenario was just opposite. After completing MCA, when I started searching for a good job, I was not getting a job. I have interested in the development field. Then I switched my career towards Digital marketing now I am on cloud nine.


3. What made you think that you should write a book for beginners?


-Today’s time students are frustrated due to not having jobs in the market. But in actuality we have many jobs in the market only we have to choose the right path. In the current scenario, we have many jobs in digital marketing field. As our PM also targeting to convert whole India into digital India so we have a great opportunity in the same field. There is no book available on the market written by Indian writer in SEO field so I have written books, fresher gets detailed information about Digital marketing.

Then I started thinking and written seven books on SEO & SMO that will help all users, beginner to advance.


4. Can you tell, how your books can help a beginner to success?


– As my book have the knowledge from basics and the practical knowledge gathered by me from 4 years. I have written book from the label of thinking of your business and domain name according to the business, till the last end, your website comes in top 10. After reading my book, anyone can easily crack the interview.


5. There are several articles related to SEO and SMO are available on the internet. So, how can your books help beginners? I mean, what difference your books have when compared with the articles available on the web?


– I have written books from my personal experience & as per latest SEO Google guidelines. I have shared detailed information about all activities. My primary focus is on how to do? Rather than what is it? Generally, we get the description from the internet but I have shared some live example and results. Fully focused on practical part. After reading my books, there is no need to join any institute for coaching especially beginner. After reading my book, you can easily crack the interview.


6. All of your books are related to digital marketing and so, do you think that digital marketing is more profitable now?


-Nowadays, SEO and SMO are important because we all want to get a position in top 10 of search engine results. SEO will help to increase your visibility in the Search Engine. In general, when we search any product or anything else, we write it on Google and
mostly user take the decision from top 10 results so everyone wants to be in top 10. Therefore, SEO plays the vital role. There is a curiosity among user and website owner how to do what to do? So it’s a profitable step.


7. Your books are doing good and how’s the response from your buyers? Are they asking you more questions?

Its human nature to ask questions, all have queries related to SEO and SMO. They want me to write books for other topics also. I am also looking forward to write books as soon as possible. Currently, I am writing book on my love story and mobile app promotion. Mobile app promotion book will come in the market within 15 days.


8. Is there anyone behind your success? Are you thankful to someone for helping you all the way to success?


-I want to thank all my family member for supporting me. My father is role model for me. I have lucky charm as my wife, Shaily. Happy to have blessings of my mother all the time. She always prays for me since childhood, because I am an average boy with high dreams to get fame.


9. What are your plans?


-To create a wholesome environment of learning, in such a way that each child realises his/her individual passion and potential to the fullest. To make a young technical student with full of Skills so I open an institute and company in the name of “Make your brandz”.


10. And if someone ask you for advice, what will be your reply?


-I am not in the position to give advice but I request you all keep faith in God, whatever he had decided for you must have according to your position and strength. One more thing never lose your hope in any stage of life. As you have read about me from developer to Digital marketer and now book writer so all- mighty have created a specific level of reach for each and everyone. Stay in touch. Thank you for giving precious time by reading my interview. Love you all.

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