How to fight Adult Acne and Have Fab Skin for the Summer

If you’d thought your pimple problems were going to be over the moment puberty was, honey – you were wrong.  Truth is, our bodies are constantly going through changes, some of them good, others bad and all of that is affecting the turnout; sorry to be the ones to break it to you but – you’ll constantly have to take care of yourself in order not to experience problems on health and skin front.
This time, around we’re discussing adult acne as they’re one of the issues young and older adults have to often deal with.

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Teen acne aren’t the same as the adult acne

Breakouts are common in more than half of women in their twenties; however, unlike during highschool when they would pop up in the oily T-zone area, they are now appearing as pink pimples on the lower part of the face in a V shape as a result of monthly surges in the hormones oestrogen and progesterone.
Hold off spot treating if your face is prone to breakouts in order to avoid scaring; instead, wash it with a salicylic acid cleanser and follow by a salicylic acid toner in oilier areas. You may follow up with the same structure gel afterwards.



Makeup or no makeup – wash your face every night

Running around during day makes your skin susceptible to all kinds of dirt and pollution which results in your skin collecting pore-clogging oil, regardless of you (not) wearing makeup; the truth about adult acne is that they are not that difficult to prevent as long as you are taking good care of your skin. Always have oil-free face wipes in your bag (for when you are out running errands) and on your nightstand for times you’re just too exhausted to wash before bed. Otherwise, always wash your face before going to sleep.



Pimples? They can be caused by your smartphone

Phones contain germs, some of which are known to cause infections. Friction and bacteria combined can make you break out; each time your phone rubs against your jawline, your pores get irritated and the chance of inflammation is immediate.

Make sure you clean your phone with a disinfecting wipe at least a few times a week, and try to use an earpiece or an adapter when you plan on chatting for a while.


Your hair products may be causing zits

Believe it or not, but your hair products may be the enemy here; according to Ranella Hirsch, MD, a dermatologist in Boston “Hair products are created to coat strands, so on your face they can clog pores and cause nasty breakouts,” so make sure you rinse your face after washing out conditioner.


Weight oscillations can make you break out

Oftentimes, gaining or losing weight will cause breakouts as your hormone levels are off balance whenever you subject your body to weight oscillations; virtually all hormones in the body are mutually connected which means that one hormone’s increase or decrease will automatically affect other hormone levels, leading to increased oil production.



Sweat doesn’t cause acne

It is a common misconception that working out causes breakouts; if anything – physical exercise is good for the skin as it boosts circulation which ultimately calms skin inflammation.
What can happen though is for the bacteria to build up and that to lead to breakouts. To avoid that, wear cotton rather than nylon and lycra, remove all makeup before exercising and shower within 30 minutes of finishing a workout and you’ll be fine.


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