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Are you an online seller looking for a space to sell your product?

Then, I’m going to tell you about an international online marketplace with a brand new mobile-first platform –

The leading cloud-based, social commerce platform for small businesses. With, you will get an international platform to sell your products to the online buyers. Anyone in the world can create a free online shop on and start selling. You can also buy products from all over the world, search for anything you like.


  • Simple Import :

Import products to by simply pasting your website link in import bar, all data including images will be uploaded in seconds. So, you don’t need to be a web expert to create an online shop in


  • Pin like you pin on Pinterest :

You can pin products from other sites and users will be redirected to the original websites when clicked on it. So, this makes it again easy to share your product details and to gain buyers.


  • Chat before you buy :

Chat with the merchant before you purchase the product. So that you can negotiate the price and shipping options with the merchant.


  • Internal currency EZB Coins :

EZB Coins enables trade between countries fair and also it will help buyers to swap the product without the use of money.


  • Other features :
    • Mobile friendly and fully responsive design.
    • Graph-based search engine.
    • Tag-based product segmentation.
    • Algorithmic business logic.
    • Fast and easy CSV-import functions for big data and product uploads.


  • Merchant Features :
    • Free webshop/Page Builder.
    • Chat-To-Buy and Payment Wallet.
    • Unlimited Bandwidth and Product Uploads.
    • Boost-Function (equivalent to facebook.
    • Product Scraper.
    • Automatic Sharing Functions.

free online market

Conclusion : We recommend to all Merchants and Buyers because this is the best free online marketplace for all kind of shopping and also you can make money online by selling your products. And I think I didn’t see chat and buy option anywhere around. So, Make Money Online Merchants and Buyers Get the products you need at for the best price available in the market.

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