90’s fashion trends we’re all ashamed of

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The times they are a-changing” Every decade left its own mark, from fashion, music styles to political twists. 90’s were pretty peculiar and original and fashion trends which were awesome back then are now a bit funny and not so cool. The biggest influences were music scene and fashion shows which reached the highest peak back then.


You’ve probably had ones when you were little or you’ve seen them Will Smith wearing them in “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. They were meant to be used as protective clothing when working. One of the straps was worn loose or unfastened if you wanted to look cool and don’t forget to wear a big baggy t-shirt under it!


Chain wallets.
They were great if you were protecting the money because they had a chain which was attached to your trousers or whatever you were wearing that was having pockets. The wallet was usually made of leather and it had some symbol on it, for example, yin & yang.


Retro windbreakers and peace frog shirts.
Both windbreakers and shirts came in all colours and shapes. Neon colours were especially popular among windbreakers and with shirts there were just a lot of colours, like for example if you were going to Woodstock and you couldn’t leave without your peace shirt.


Baggy skater jeans.
The famous JNCO skater jeans. Every guy had to have ones, especially if they were in a rap group or a gang. Every rapper from Dr.Dre to Eminem was wearing them until they just vanished from fashion history when the 2000s started. The jeans were always being dragged under your sneakers and there was just no point in wearing them.


Striped crop tops.
Everybody was wearing these small shirts which looked as they were the smallest size that ever existed. Rachel wore them in “Friends” and every rap girl that was popular. You could just take your old shirt, scissors and cut it so everybody can see your belly button.

90's fashion1

What a hairdo!
Nobody knows how to explain what actually happened here. Girls were having something strange on their head with a lot of hairpins (usually with butterflies on them), and boys had these bowl cuts right down in the centre and nobody knows why?! Thank God, we don’t see them anymore.


” Barb Wire ” style
Bad movie and a bad tattoo. Every girl wanted to look like Pamela Anderson since her C.J.Parker role, so it’s not odd that everyone wanted a barbed wire tattoo. Even Pamela Anderson regretted it and went for a tattoo removal to get rid of the inking around her bicep.


Big hats with flowers on them.
They were on almost every video on MTV. Huge hats with some strange pattern and a big flower right in the centre of it. Daisies were very popular back then, and you could find them on almost every hat, dress or a t-shirt- they were just everywhere.


Tattoo chokers were extremely huge in the 90s and they are becoming popular again as we are speaking. They looked especially cool if you were wearing black or dark purple lipstick. You could wear them with whichever clothes you wanted, from the darkest to the most colourful like peace frog shirts.


Hit me Baby one more time – NOT.
Britney Spears made them officially popular in her debut video “Baby one more time”. Afterwards, you could see these skirts in every high school movie or in music videos you just needed a white shirt, a sweater and a plaid.


Platform sneakers.
They are actually coming back! Spice Girls made them extremely popular back in the 90s and they were often worn on fashion shows. Platform sneakers combined with metallic ravers (to look like Geri Halliwell) or with the satin dress just looks pretty amazing, don’t you think?

90's fashion


All of these trends are coming back and there are also a lot of them which could be mentioned. It was pretty cool back then but when we look at some 90s movie, TV series or video, we just have to laugh a bit.


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