How To Get Google AdSense Approval Quickly

I have seen several people buying approved AdSense account for $100s of dollars. But why? If they can get AdSense account approved, why not you? Do you think that’s impossible?
Reasons for buying approved AdSense accounts are:
  • Easy to get, if you have money to spend for an AdSense account.
  • No need to worry about content and quality of the site.
  • No need of waiting for approval.

Maybe these can be possible reasons for buying AdSense account for a huge amount, but there’s another side for this.

  • Chances for getting AdSense account banned is high.

What do you need more than this?

Getting Google AdSense approval is not so easy. But still, you can get AdSense approval within two business days if you follow some rules.
  • You don’t need to pay anything for an AdSense account.
  • No Blackhat tricks.
  • No hard work, only smart work.

According to some Pros, you should follow so many rules for getting a Google AdSense account. But I don’t think so.

Do you know why?

Yes, there are rules. But that isn’t so hard as you believe or anyone can get an AdSense account approved in two days if you follow simple things.

  • Some pages like Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and some other pages can give a good impression when the AdSense team review your site. Also, it can increase your AdSense account approval chance. (I agree with this).
  • Minimum 45 days old blog or domain.
  • And your blog should not contain:
      • Adult Content
      • Content against an individual, group or organization.
      • Content which is copyrighted.
      • Drug, alcohol, tobacco-related content.
      • Hacking or Cracking related content.
      • Violent content.
      • Other illegal content.


 And here is the trick to get AdSense approval within two business days.

  • Buy a custom domain and use it on your site.
  • Publish 5-10 posts with 300 or more words. Also, add few images with the posts.
  • Add few pages, about us, contact us, etc..
  • Use a professional theme and make it look standard.
A custom domain and a blog with few posts and important pages are more likely to get AdSense approval than other blogs with subdomain and no posts.
 If you need some help, don’t forget to contact us 🙂
Now you can apply for your AdSense Account approval from Adsense Official Site and Sign Up for it. 

About the Author: Adarsh M

Hi, I'm Adarsh.M, a blogger and web designer. I think blogging is the best medium to share the knowledge we have with everyone. I write about blogging, make money online, seo, and tech related topics. Share the knowledge.

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  1. Hi, Adarsh
    I think you can answer me. My adsense account was disabled last year. Now I have new website with new domain name and a new computer. Can I apply for a new adsense account for new domain name?.

    1. You need to make few changes first. Some of the Menus are not working. Give proper links to it and apply for AdSense. Also, you can see there are two About us and Home buttons, please remove that also. Thank you.

  2. Excellent ! recently (14th Sep 2016) I have attended the live seminar conducted by Google Adsense team.. All the points you have mentioned they seriously mentioned .. this post is enough to understand the policies of Google AdSense and possibilities to get 100% approved .. thanks for sharing your knowledge with your blog visitors.

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