Ways To Fix The 9 Worst Signs Of Aging


As we approach old age, there are a lot of bodily physical changes that we experience. How to solve them is what most people are trying to find out. These experiences are basically the signs of aging and overcoming them is a great achievement. Most of them are very negative; if they were positive we wouldn’t be finding a solution for them. We would just be relaxing and anticipating old age. Below are the worst signs of old age and simple ways to fix them;


  1. Formation of wrinkles and fine lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are the most common signs of aging that no one ever escapes. They result from the loss of the skin cells and collagen resulting in severed elasticity. Sometimes, wrinkles may appear earlier due to improper skin care and unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and excessive use of alcohol.  Simple things like regular smiling; over staring on electronic screens are some contributors to wrinkling. Prevention is the best way to overcome their effects on the face. Dr. Tina West, a dermatologist in Atlanta recommends the use of antioxidants, retinol and sunscreen to work against the wrinkles. If the mentioned home remedies fail, consider seeing a doctor for laser, fillers or botox treatments.


  1. Hair loss

Loss of hair is one of the severe signs of old age. Most women especially the ones with long hair are often hit by this effect so severely. If they were to give a suggestion of what should be omitted among the signs of old age, this would definitely be among the top in the list. Stress and some medication can cause temporary hair loss but at menopause, there is permanent hair loss resulting from hormonal imbalances. Menopause is among the results of aging therefore, hormonal permanent hair loss isn’t an exception among the aging signs. An Esuchen product is the best home remedy according to Dexter Philip, a salon owner in New York City. Alternatively, Rogaine can serve the same purpose. Natural home remedies such as using organic oils like olive oil and Aloe Vera treatment can also play a role in overcoming hair loss. You can also seek medical attention because sometimes, it may not be a sign of old age. It could be a serious health condition.


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  1. Dark spots on the hands

As collagen is lost due to age, veins become more visible on the surface of the skin. This makes the skin more vulnerable to sun damage resulting to the formation of dark sunspots. Shielding your skin against direct sunlight using a sunscreen is the best remedy. Hospital laser treatment can also overcome sun damages on the skin. You can also try home remedies like fruit masks (banana, lemons or oranges) to get rid of dark spots on your skin.


  1. Fewer eyelashes and eyebrows

Change in the hormonal levels with age can inhibit the growth of both eyelashes and eyebrows. Amanda Sanders, an image consultant in New York, proposes the use of artificial eyelashes to maintain your youthful look. Using natural moisturizers such as coconut oil can assist in making them healthier and encouraging growth. However, growth may take too long before it occurs.


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  1. Elephant knees and elbows

Most people always think that wrinkles only affect the face and the neck. Surprisingly, it also affects the knees and the elbows. Consider moisturizing them with a substance containing urea. This will remove the wrinkles and leave the area soft. Homemade moisturizers with natural wrinkle treatment like lemon juice can also be used to prevent elephant knees and elbows.


  1. Loose breast

Most of the women at old age have breastfed in their lifetime. This together with the loss of fat and hormonal changes makes the breasts lose their fullness. There is nothing much that you can do to remedy this other than tightening your bra to enhance your physical appearance.


  1. Dental issues

As a person grows old, the enamel does too. It wears off opening up the inner yellow part of the tooth. This makes the teeth more vulnerable to stains that destroy the beautiful smile. Consider using whitening gels while brushing your teeth. You can also consider professional whitening by a specialist.


  1. Cracked heels

This mostly affects those people who used to wear tight shoes at a younger age. This is characterized with a severe pain at the affected area and calluses. Keep your feet moisturized and consider wearing cushioned shoes to sooth your paining feet.


  1. Aging of the neck

When the skin around your neck ages, it gets wrinkled revealing a turkey neck appearance. Norah Ephron, an author of the American Journal is a victim of turkey neck.  Apply a moisturiser regularly especially the one containing peptides for generation of collagen. Fraxel laser treatment can also be considered as a remedy.


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Old age comes with a lot of negative physical changes. Preventing the causes of the above old age changes is the best way to overcome signs of aging. Sometimes, it is good to appreciate your appearance if there is nothing much you can do about it.

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