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Man’s mind is chained by entangled thoughts and interwoven situations, which keeps him always preoccupied, rather fretted. There is a dire need to release oneself from such a bustle, far from the maddening crowd, and far on a land, where one can introspect in deep thoughts and speak to his inner self.

A beach is one such place, where one can see far beyond what is visible at the edge. It provides a far-sighted view of many circumstances of life, to which we have been stitched. If these beaches or islands remain isolated, away from the chirpy crowd, it adds icing on the cake.


Mumbai has a set of some of the amazing obscure beaches, which are so peaceful and serene, that one may want to stay there forever! So, this summer vacation, visit the ‘City of Dreams’, and cherish your life’s fantastic memories at its beaches. If you are preparing your mind to sojourn in the city, then for your help, there are a plethora of options available, which will serve you the best of commutation. If you live in a faraway city, then no doubt, plane travel would suit you the best and avoid the longevity and hustle of the train ride. A number of flights run everyday from all major cities of India to Mumbai. There are flights from Bangalore to Mumbai, and those from the capital city, which are quite frequent and sought after. It would be convenient to pre-book your tickets, and avail some special discounts.

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Let’s have an insight of three of the most peaceful and peace-packed beaches of Mumbai.

Korlai Beach

First, it is quite a wonder that you are able to spot this beach. 20 km ahead of Alibaug from Mumbai, it is best to choose your car or opt for a cab to hunt for this beach. Drive a little ahead of the town, Revdanda and you will find it. Once you will reach this promising beach, it is sure to woo your hearts. The lighthouse and the Portuguese fort provide a panorama of the beautiful Arabian Sea.

Diveagar Beach, Raigad

This 6-7 km stretch of sand, kissing the sea, will provide you with the most joyous time for your lonely self. An epitome of solace, this beach is a must visit for all those who wish to escape in some corner of the boisterous world. So, choose your favourite classic fiction, and get ready to visit this beach for a memorable pampering of your soul.

Gorai Beach

Nestled with coconut and palm trees, the Gorai Beach gives a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea. This isolated beach, is a perfect spot for couples, who wish to seek some privacy. Due to its calm water, it is quintessential for a soothing swimming experience too. One can even meditate amidst the serenity of this beach. So, have a relaxing day, sitting and trotting in the smooth sands of the Gorai Beach.

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So, make your way to these least known, yet exquisite places to visit in Mumbai.


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